Why did you cast your daughter?


Willie Aames: The fact is, she was the best person for the part, regardless of being my daughter. When you see the show, you will know it. 


Maylo Aames:  We had a casting call and read other people. She just stood out.  It fit her so well.  If she wasn’t good at it and didn’t fit in it – I mean, it’s my husband’s project, with his name on it – he would have recast it. Having grown up in the industry, do you have any trepidation about your daughter following your footsteps?


Willie Aames:  I sure do. When I got into the industry, my parents did not want me to be a part of it. I had to beg and plead in order to get to be a part of the industry. When Harleigh was growing up, I was like, “Gosh, I hope she wants to be a vet or something like that.” She kind of went through the “I want to be a vet” stage too, but the fact is, the girl’s good. It’s what she really loves to do. We’re going to make sure that she gets her education. When she’s gotten her degree, if she decides she wants to continue acting, she can, or if she decides she wants to go into business, or if she wants to just be a mom, she’ll have that opportunity. So you’re not really pushing in any particular direction?


Willie Aames:  No, but I am sharpening my machete. The one good thing is having grown up in the industry and understanding it and being a producer is that I’ve been there, done that, heard the stories, know the song and dance. You’re not going to be able to slide a whole bunch past me.


Crosswalk:  What are your hopes for the series?


Willie Aames: Anne of Green Gables sticks out in my head as such a great classic show. We went to a lot of trouble to make sure that we kept the same type of integrity. We hope that the Christian community will recognize that we’ve put a lot of effort into creating something for their kids. That’s our first goal. We want girls to have somebody to look up to, like Harleigh.  Turning to you a little bit, Maylo, you played mom in the series.  Was it difficult working for your husband?


Maylo Aames:  You know – it wasn’t. I worked for many, many years in Los Angeles before I met Willie. He’s such an incredible director; he’s an actor’s director because he was an actor for so long, so he communicates very well. Once I’m in front of the camera and he’s behind it, he’s my director. I completely trust what he’s saying and I’m completely submissive, as talent, to the ideas and the vision that he has. So it’s really very natural and very easy. It’s also very wonderful and easy and natural to play Harley’s mom. We all respect each other.