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G movie titles
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe's reported $175 million budget can be seen up on the screen, as some of the film's special effects are effectively eye-catching. But viewers are left with a story that feels half-formed at best. Apparently not much of that $175 million went to the screenwriters.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • August 10, 2009 |
  • comments
G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Lots of fighting and explosions punctuated by moderately clever dialogue. "Pretty much exactly what I want," my male friend told me.

Game Plan, The

While bordering on the cheesy and laying the cute on thick, The Game Plan is still a fairly solid choice for amusing family entertainment. What’s refreshing is the noticeable lack of curse words and rude humor typically used to cover up plot holes.

  • Christa Banister |
  • September 28, 2007 |
  • comments
Gangs of New York

For Martin Scorsese fans who've forgotten just how bloody (and graphic) this director can be--then prepare yourselves for this movie. Aside from the bloody and graphic nature, there’s also the long, long length—2 hours and 44 minutes!

Gangster Squad

Don't look for much in the food-for-thought department, but Gangster Squad keeps you interested in seeing how it'll play out.

  • Christa Banister |
  • January 11, 2013 |
  • comments
Gentlemen Broncos

The potential audience for Gentlemen Broncos encompasses lovers of bad science fiction, B-movies (or lower grade) and the strangely endearing film Napoleon Dynamite. Lovers of good comedy, however, are advised to look elsewhere.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • November 06, 2009 |
  • comments
Georgia Rule

Georgia Rule is a super-heavy downer with a high cringe factor and a steady infusion of crassness and perversion. Yes, there are important lessons to be learned about relationships and generational patterns, but it’s not worth the ride to get there.

Get Him to the Greek

A little bawdy humor goes a long way, and Get Him to the Greek goes much further than the bounds of good taste allow. That's part of the movie's calculus, of course—it offers scenes designed to shock, and scenes that will lead to can-you-believe-that moments of laughter.

Get On Up

Not your typical birth-to-grave biography. It's a little spastic and occasionally confusing but certainly keeps the intensity set high.

Get Smart

Surprisingly, the filmmakers set themselves apart from the typical 1970s “television to film” retread by creating a truly hilarious film, one that updates the spy spoof without the typical comedic contempt.

G movie titles

Has a preposterous premise and action scenes that make the audience feel like they’re playing a video game.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • August 30, 2013 |
  • comments

Despite a covert team of “highly trained” guinea pigs, G-Force is jazzed up only by a 3-D presentation. But even those moments deliver few eye-popping delights. It doesn't take special glasses to realize nearly every other element is strictly one-dimensional.

Ghost Rider

With a lot of parental guidance, parents might be able to use Ghost Rider to teach kids about some aspects of evil. However, there are far better sources for that—ones that involve good theology. And good acting.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • June 12, 2007 |
  • comments
Ghost Town

Almost dying allows Ricky Gervais’ character to experience living in a whole new, rewarding way. And that definitely elevates Ghost Town a step above your typical, supernatural romantic comedy.

  • Christa Banister |
  • September 19, 2008 |
  • comments
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

The jokes and discussion about the main character’s sexual escapades push Ghosts of Girlfriends Past well into “PG-13” territory. But the central character’s transformation, while predictable, gives the film a bit more depth than might be expected.

Ghosts of the Abyss

Academy Award winning director and master storyteller James Cameron journeys back to the site of the legendary wreck of the Titanic. With a team of historic and marine experts and friend Bill Paxton, he embarks on an unscripted adventure back to the final grave where nearly 1,500 souls lost their lives almost a century ago.


This is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. It's watchable only because of the curiosity factor over Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez and saved only with brief appearances from stars like Christopher Walken and Al Pacino.

Gimme Shelter (2014)

Not quite a documentary, but has an unflinching, realistic feel right til the end when it turns into a Lifetime movie with a bow on top.

  • Susan Ellingburg |
  • January 24, 2014 |
  • comments
Girl in Progress

Surprisingly mature in its subject matter, this cautionary tale is the story of a young girl determined to come of age too soon.

Girl Most Likely

A compelling coming-of-age tale where an unexpected reconnection with family helps shape the protagonist's future journey.

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