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H movie titles

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a musical comedy make it to the big screen that was worth the trouble of heading out to the local cinema-plex. Yet easily the year’s most entertaining film thus far, the bright and cheerful Hairspray, gives us a reason to like musicals again.

Hall Pass

With Hall Pass, the Farrelly Brothers return to what they know best. If anything, the success of The Hangover has empowered them to dream up even dirtier jaw-dropping antics.

  • Christa Banister |
  • February 25, 2011 |
  • comments

Will Smith’s latest certainly isn’t boring or lacking energy. If anything, it overcompensates. But all the bells and whistles eventually can’t distract from the fact that Hancock completely falls off the rails halfway through.

Hangman's Curse

I applaud the people behind this film. They took a chance on daring to be different by using Frank Peretti’s story and packaging it in an unconventional movie aimed at reaching the next generation. And that’s how God is using Christians to make a difference in Hollywood!

Hangover Part II, The

The Hangover Part II aims for the upper decks but is, instead, a major whiff—unnecessary, witless and inferior in every way to the highly overrated first film.

Hangover Part III, The

Less a disaster than a standard disappointment, the biggest of which is Bradley Cooper, who phones it in post-Silver Linings Playbook.

Hangover, The

The Hangover continues the trend toward outrageous, raunchy R-rated comedies. That domain, dominated by writer/director Judd Apatow (The 40 Year Old Virgin), can make room for director Todd Phillips among its list of big names.


Saoirse Ronan portrays a young girl in training to be the perfect assassin, honing her skills in order to kill one woman.

Hannah Montana The Movie

Considering the way art seems to imitate Miley Cyrus' life these days, the timing probably couldn't be better for the big-screen treatment of Hannah Montana. Not only does it solidify Cyrus' place as the ultimate good girl, but Hannah is a character Cyrus can play convincingly.

Hannibal Rising

If Hannibal Rising isn’t bad enough to kill off this film franchise, nothing will do the trick. Ghastly and often disgusting, it somehow manages also to be dull, all the while providing a strange but not entirely convincing impetus for Hannibal Lecter’s taste for human flesh.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • February 09, 2007 |
  • comments
H movie titles
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

It’s not just the fairy tale that gets fractured in this silly, bloody and unnecessary retelling.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • January 25, 2013 |
  • comments
Happening, The

Not only are there no tidy (or even quasi-rational) answers to why people are spontaneously killing themselves in M. Night Shyamalan’s latest, but the movie actually gets more confusing—and eye-roll inducing—as the minutes tick on by.

Happily N'Ever After

The makers of Shrek now bring us another feature-length animation, Happily N'Ever After, a twist on the old Cinderella story. With similar animation to Shrek, though not with as hilariously funny a script, Happily N’Ever After” is generally acceptable, mindless entertainment.

Happy Feet

Much like the more vintage Disney fare (think “Bambi”, “Cinderella” or "The Little Mermaid" ), “Happy Feet” succeeds by creating memorable characters that viewers can’t help but care about.

  • Christa Banister |
  • November 24, 2006 |
  • comments
Happy Feet Two

The same characters are basically in place from its Happy Feet predecessor, but Happy Feet Two simply lacks a lightness of step.

  • Christa Banister |
  • November 18, 2011 |
  • comments

Everyone needs a Poppy. She is the personification of Happy-Go-Lucky, a breath-of-fresh-air kind of movie that is sure to do more than put smiles on peoples faces (though it will) and actually lift their tired, world-weary spirits.


This message film will likely thrill teens and perhaps horrify moms—but only because some of the skateboard tricks look dangerous.

Harrison's Flowers

Has a strong message about never giving up on a loved one, but it's not an easy war movie to watch and will probably disturb many who see it.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

After Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone grossed almost $1 billion worldwide, you could almost count on the fact that director Chris Columbus wasn't going to tinker much with his magical hit-making formula in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

The best that can be said for this first half of Deathly Hallows is that it's unlikely to displease fans who have committed themselves to reading and seeing the other Harry Potter tales.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • November 19, 2010 |
  • comments
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