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H movie titles
Hey Arnold! The Movie

Unfolding at a leisurely 75 minutes, Hey Arnold! The Movie will amuse young fans of the TV cartoon, but adults, rather than the kids, might find themselves wandering the theater.


It’s not original, it’s not historical and it has a clear spiritual agenda – which is far from Christian. This is something we’re seeing more and more of from the Disney-owned Buena Vista Pictures. And overall, “Hidalgo” is a real disappointment.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • March 08, 2004 |
  • comments
Hidden Secrets

While there’s certainly some important, timely lessons to be learned about how not to evangelize or the power of forgiveness, the worst flaw of Hidden Secrets is the lackluster script.

Hiding Place, The

Thirty-one years since it was made, “Billy Graham Presents” is re-releasing a restored version of the one of the best "Christian" films ever made, "The Hiding Place," on DVD. Hopefully, this will allow a new and younger generation to view and contemplate this very important film.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • April 14, 2006 |
  • comments
High Crimes

Film commits its own infraction by tacking a weak ending onto an otherwise interesting story.

High School Musical 3

Disney’s High School Musical franchise graduates from TV to the big screen for its third installment, and the result is an infectious family film that will satisfy younger viewers and won’t alienate their parents. In short, it is a lot of fun—good, clean fun.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • October 24, 2008 |
  • comments
History Boys, The

Some plays make the transition to the big screen with great triumph. Others, like "The History Boys," are not as successful. On-screen, the six-time Tony-award winning play feels like a filmed play without any cinematic adaptation.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • April 20, 2007 |
  • comments
Hit and Run

Just because a movie is "alive" on screen doesn't mean it will edify or stimulate you intellectually.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • August 24, 2012 |
  • comments

"Hitch" is definitely adult humor, but unlike many films, it manages to bridge the gap between men and women and will make both laugh. Whether they’re experienced or have no game at all, men will definitely recognize themselves. And women will recognize all the men they’ve dated.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • February 11, 2005 |
  • comments

Entertaining, but begs the question why a biopic of one of Hollywood's greatest directors was put in the hands of one of its greenest.

H movie titles
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The

Think “Monty Python” meets “Star Trek” meets “The Dark Crystal” – all on acid, I might add – and you’ve got this film. Basically, it’s a bunch of silly skits that, together, appear frighteningly disjointed. And having seen it, I’m now convinced that unless you are a super geek on an acid trip, it would be difficult to appreciate this film.

  • Annabelle Robertson |
  • April 29, 2005 |
  • comments

Hitman, based on a video game but employing a similar story and style as the Bourne films, is in every way inferior to those films, not to mention pretty much every other film currently playing in theaters.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • November 21, 2007 |
  • comments
Hoax, The

Though the plot is mildly interesting and the filmmakers do a good job of creating tension, The Hoax leaves audiences with a slimy feeling and a cynical assurance that gifted liars and powerful billionaires do win out in the end.

Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey

Likely to leave fans hesitant and uncertain about the upcoming films, while newbies will wonder why this story is so beloved.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • December 13, 2012 |
  • comments
Hobbit, The: The Desolation of Smaug

Less bloated, this second installment stands as a premium Hollywood production that can teach other major lit-franchises a thing or two.


Author Louis Sachar has adapted his Newbery Award-winning book for the big screen, skillfully weaving modern day Texas with 18th century Latvia and the Old West. And this is the kind of movie that will make kids want to read the book!

Holiday, The

For the currently unattached or those who’ve been there before, “The Holiday” is heartwarming, relatable and occasionally laugh-out-loud funny - even if the premise itself requires a little suspension of disbelief and includes a strong worldly view of sexuality.

  • Christa Banister |
  • December 12, 2006 |
  • comments
Hollywood Ending

Woody Allen rehashes the same tired character we've seen numerous times before.

Hollywood Homicide

What makes this story work is the "bad boy" chemistry Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett have with each other. But ironically, I think that ultimately affects the integrity of the story. And there are better movies to spend your money on this summer.


Superman Returns revived the superhero's franchise, but Hollywoodland gives us a much more serious side to the Superman story. Unfortunately, this tale of the rise and fall of actor George Reeves delivers the same mixed results as Bryan Singer's over-hyped vision of the superhero.

  • Christian Hamaker |
  • September 11, 2006 |
  • comments
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