Artist:   Rock 'n' Roll Worship Circus
Label:  INO Records

On its second album, Rock ‘n’ Roll Worship Circus proves its brand of classic rock/modern worship fusion is no mere gimmick. "A Beautiful Glow" is, in fact, a force — that rare sophomore disc that outshines the debut and uses its creativity to exhort and entertain.

The band’s musical touchstone remains the classic rock of the ‘60s and ‘70s. “Morning Glory” blends The Byrds and The Monkees with a call to “Wake up you people/Wake up all you saints.” On “Gift of Cool,” leader Gabriel Wilson evokes Lou Reed’s spoken-word style before kicking into the chorus: “We will run and never stop.” Even the psychedelic sitar on “Loveliest Bride” would have fit perfectly on The Beatles’ Revolver.

Occasionally, you might find yourself playing “name that influence,” but the nods to the past never get tiresome. The band’s bold testimony and sense of abandon is simply too inspirational.


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