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Reuben Keeps It Real with Sex, Drugs and Self Control

With Sex, Drugs and Self-Control, John Reuben wears his heart on his sleeve, using clever rhymes to detail his minute-by-minute spiritual discoveries and padding his findings in a melting pot of pop/rock/rap accompaniment.

Until the Whole World Hears Ups the Musical Ante

While their hooky pop/rock melodies and made-for-church worship lyrics have maintained an arena-sized audience since day one, Casting Crowns' latest ups the musical ante a bit, with poetic verses and interesting musical riffs.

Hope is Alive in Steven Curtis Chapman's Beauty Will Rise

Though Steven Curtis Chapman has always related to his fans, he's never gotten as personal with his extended family of listeners as he does on Beauty Will Rise, his first recording since his daughter died in a tragic accident in 2008.

Concert Experience Captured on Jeremy Camp's Live

Live certainly serves as a good faux-greatest hits and a nice filler between studio recordings. But it is an album mainly for Jeremy Camp fans—of which there are plenty and who should be happy with this more "in-person" experience.

Heaven & Earth Delivered Beautifully by Wickham

Phil Wickham's musings of the "now and not yet" on Heaven & Earth should spark a special chord in today's Christian music scene. It's not that what he has to say has never been said before; it has just rarely been delivered as beautifully.

Take It Back! Still Leans Pop-Punk on Rumors

A first look at the track listing for Take It Back!'s Rumors of Revolt EP might lead one to believe that this Arkansas quintet has made a sudden 180, opting to head toward the indie singer-songwriter genre. But fans have no need to despair.

  • Andrew Greenhalgh |
  • January 05, 2010 |
  • comments
Hands Digs Deeper with Creator

Creator, the latest effort from Fargo-based Hands, packs far more than could be expected from the average hardcore record, blending elements of melodic rock, prog rock, and of course, good ole fashioned screamo.

  • Andrew Greenhalgh |
  • December 29, 2009 |
  • comments
The Crucified Gets the Band Back Together for Humanity

Twenty-five years ago, four teenagers came together to form The Crucified. Now, the band is back together and to kick off this grand reappearing is the remastered release of their classic album, The Pillars of Humanity.

  • Andrew Greenhalgh |
  • December 22, 2009 |
  • comments
No Slump on The Almost's Sophomore Outing

It's the dreaded sophomore slump. Too much is made about it in the first place. But one listen to Monster Monster, the absolutely stunning follow-up to The Almost’s excellent debut, proves there’s nothing to worry about.

Favorites at Play Covers the Well Known

This covers album boasts many of pop music's well-known numbers of the last few years. From Coldplay to Paramore, Joy Electric’s Ronnie Martin plays well with others, crafting an analog dream from the constructs of others.

Switchfoot's Approach More Hopeful on Hello Hurricane

Switchfoot takes an increasingly hopeful lyrical approach, inspired by the band’s work with Habitat for Humanity and perhaps even their artistic liberation. After the mildly darker nature of Oh! Gravity, it's a welcome return to form.

Kutless Brings Back Worship on It Is Well

It's interesting to note that for all their rock releases and the longevity of the Kutless name, it's a worship album from four years ago (Strong Tower) that still remains the BEC Recordings act’s best-selling album.

Artistry Birthed from Pain in Forget and Not Slow Down

Some of the best artistry is birthed from our most painful moments. Matt Thiessen might be anxious to forget his experiences, but Forget and Not Slow Down will be an album that gladly lingers for quite some time.

The Letter Black Hits Hard on Breaking the Silence

The Letter Black is the latest female-fronted rock outfit to come along. However, this band has a little more water under its bridge than most, having toured prior as Breaking the Silence, ironically the name of their debut EP.

  • Andrew Greenhalgh |
  • November 10, 2009 |
  • comments
Gwen Stacy Explodes Back with A Dialogue

Hardcore band Gwen Stacy explodes back onto the scene with A Dialogue, a fine collection of face-melters that let vocalist Geoff Jenkins scream his lungs out while drawing in some melodic moments as well.

  • Andrew Greenhalgh |
  • November 03, 2009 |
  • comments
Sidewalk Prophets Bring the Pop on These Simple Truths

Incredible pop sensibilities are Sidewalk Prophets’ hallmark throughout These Simple Truths, the band’s label debut. Think MercyMe mixed with Brandon Heath to get a good idea of the sounds involved—and the sales possibilities as well.

Leeland Stays Vertically Minded on Love Is on the Move

"It's just you and me, Jesus," sings Leeland Mooring on Leeland’s latest album, Love Is on the Move. The statement serves as a proper introduction to an incredibly vertical album—and fans shouldn't expect anything different.

Redman Stirs Hearts on We Shall Not Be Shaken

Almost every song on Matt Redman’s new album speaks to the unsettling economic times. But rather than wallowing in uncertainty or doubt, he reminds believers to stand firm in the Gospel and praise the Lord through the storms.

Diversity and Controversy Shake Up Stockholm Syndrome

While the incredibly candid lyrical expositions follow in Derek Webb’s signature style, anyone who approaches this project hoping for the folksy, organic instrumentation is bound to be disappointed—but pleasantly surprised nonetheless.

Dream Becomes Reality on Melinda Watts' People Get Ready

Soulfully combining the vocal range and agility of Yolanda Adams, the fiery energy of Mary Mary and the pastoral growl of Gospel’s First Lady, Shirley Caesar, People Get Ready proves Melinda Watts is no amateur.

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