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FM Static's Diary Definitely Worth Reading

Somehow FM Static's Trevor McNevan and Steve Augustine have crafted an album that gives a sneak peek into the dreams and doubts of anyone in the 18 to 25 range. The result is Dear Diary, and it’s definitely worth "reading."

Reeves' Sweet Sweet Sound Is Decisively Good

In a forest of young, trendy worship leaders 19-year-old Sarah Reeves distinguishes herself with Sweet Sweet Sound, a decisive collection of power ballads and anthems that showcase a single-minded devotion to God.

  • Andrea Bailey Willits |
  • May 05, 2009 |
  • comments
Larue Resurfaces on Let the Road Pave Itself

It has been several years since we last heard from Phillip Larue. Though he has kept busy creatively writing and producing, the 20-something singer/songwriter has remained nearly silent on the artist front. But today, Larue is resurfacing.

Third Day's Live Revelations Far from Perfect

There's yet to be a full definitive Third Day live concert CD or DVD; and the group’s latest, Live Revelations, won’t come close to fulfilling that role. While far from perfect, at least the professional and personal moments exposed are entertaining and insightful.

Avalon’s Melissa Greene Stands Apart on Next Step

Combining the talents of a Who’s Who in Christian music songwriting team, Melissa Greene’s first major label solo effort hosts a framework of tightly-produced tracks to construct an eligible platform to demonstrate her solo chops.

Freedom Falls Short of Expectations

Those who watched Mandisa on American Idol can vouch for her mighty vocal pipes and charisma. While those attributes pop up in a few places throughout Freedom, they’re few and far between.

Falling Up's Fangs! Will Captivate

The maturity and scope displayed on Fangs! will captivate those who devour the complete experience. Falling Up may have given us 2009’s first great Christian album.

My Soul Sings a Fitting Farewell for Delirious

My Soul Sings may be the last recording Delirious will ever release. These discs powerfully commemorate all that we have come to love about them, propelling this package—along with the band—into the annals of Christian music history.

Israel Houghton's Not Alone on The Power of One

Anyone who’s worried about not seeing the name New Breed on the spine of Israel Houghton’s new CD need not fret. Thanks in part to a slew of guest collaborators, the singer/songwriter/worship leader is not on his own.

VOTA Relaunches with Self-Titled Project

VOTA has a secret. It’s not really a new band. Formerly known as Casting Pearls, the quartet changed their name in 2008. If their former project was palatable standard fare, then their name change launched standard to stunning.

  • Grace S. Cartwright |
  • March 27, 2009 |
  • comments
Chorus a Solid Start for Revive

Revive’s debut disc, Chorus of the Saints, is off to a fairly solid start and already has some extra industry attention courtesy of Third Day. Front man Mac Powell co-produced this particular project.

Bluebird EP Good for New and Old Alike

Bluebird is a proper introduction for new Randall Goodgame listeners, as well as a fond return to form for the Square Peg Alliance member. And the six songs here stand as some of Goodgame’s best work to date.

Esterlyn Keeps a Creative Indie Feel with Meaning

Presenting a creative indie feel without forfeiting tight production and articulate songs, Esterlyn’s Mending the Meaning offers stripped-down guitars, gentle pianos, crisp banjos and textured percussion that beautifully hang on every lyric.

House of Heroes Rises Above on The End

Between introspective moments and slightly left-of-center subsections, The End Is Not the End isn’t just a metaphor for eternity, but also a band rising above its behind-the-scenes circumstances to craft a promising project.

Jobe's Worship Talents Shine on Self-Titled Debut

With producer Ed Cash’s (Chris Tomlin, Bethany Dillon) competent hands at the creative controls, Kari Jobe’s self-titled debut seeks to establish her as more than just a worship leader, but also as a fully-equipped artist.

The Fray Returns with a Deeper Faith Focus

After nearly four years of touring, multi-platinum sales and hitting the charts with no less than five prominent singles, The Fray is back with an even more inspirational outpouring on a self-titled sophomore effort.

Julian Drive Debuts with My Coming Day

Though there's nothing out-of-the-box on My Coming Day, it is no wonder why these guys are in such high demand, especially among youthful listeners. This may be the first you've heard of Julian Drive, but it won't be the last.

Red Breaks Through with Innocence & Instinct

Following 2006’s GRAMMY-nominated End of Silence, Red toured with many mainstream acts while also scoring a slew of secular singles. No wonder anticipation for the band’s second project has been building to a fever pitch.

Friends and Neighbors Come Together in Fiction Family

Fiction Family, the moniker and album, represents Jon Foreman’s latest side project, collaborating with fellow SoCal native Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek) to create an album that’s exactly what you thought it’d be.

Paul Colman Takes a Journey in History

Though the cover additions aren’t stellar, History effectively sums up Paul Colman’s storied career. If you’ve never really tried Paul Colman, this might be your chance to give him a go.

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