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Girl Rock Done Right on Barrettsmith’s Debut

In an age of female rocker clones who’ve either idolized Avril Lavigne or Kelly Clarkson, it’s refreshing to find a singer/songwriter/guitarist who really plugs in with power, while putting her own introspective pen to paper.

Remedy Club Tour Edition Relives Concert Experience

Last year the David Crowder Band’s Remedy club outing sold out 19 shows along the way. Now, those wanting to relive the experience can do so in both audio and visual formats with Remedy Club Tour Edition.

The Altar and the Door Live Found Lacking

Despite the original The Altar and the Door project having 10 studio cuts (with two bonus tracks), this new double-disc live set only includes eight performances, which means the entire album isn’t represented.

Grant's Lead Me On Still Fresh After 20 Years

Twenty years after its initial distribution, Amy Grant combs the vault to release Lead Me On: The 20th Anniversary Edition, archiving some of ‘ccm’s most revered and honest recordings on her first project for EMI.

Sonflowerz Shows a Sunny Side All Over the World

Though The Sonflowerz doesn't reinvent the pop-rock wheel across the latest effort's 11 cuts, there's an appealing sunny side to its acoustic-centered craftsmanship, making it particularly enjoyable in summertime settings.

Pop and Brit Rock Reign Above the Golden State

Pulling together a wide range of influences as diverse as Weezer to Delirious, the freshman players known as Above the Golden State plug in with a mixture of melodic pop and Brit-rock on their debut.

This Is Our God Introduces Hillsong's Newest Faces

Though names like Darlene Zschech and Reuben Morgan are familiar for Hillsong fans and followers, This Is Our God introduces several new praise leaders and songwriters in hopes of expanding the audience even further.

Vertical and Artful Expressions Found On the Blue

The modern worship scene is oftentimes overly cluttered with artists who cover the same songs or copy a successful formula, which is why Joel Auge’s American debut, On the Blue, is so refreshing.

Seabird Gives Wings to Pleasant But Generic Brit-Rock

Though Seabird’s instrumental originality is lacking on their debut, members do paint a more personal brush stroke in the songwriting department—ranging from topics of struggle to loss to a wide spectrum of relationships.

Hard Not to Sing Along with Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again, the sophomore project from tween group pureNRG, is purely infectious. Whether young or old, it’s hard for a listener not to start singing along to this CD of positive power pop.

Jones Gets Down to Kingdom Business with Slick R&B

Like Usher and Chris Brown, Canton Jones is an R&B crooner who favors slick urban grooves and smooth serenading—not to the ladies, but their Maker. The sound’s been done before in the mainstream, but it’s a novelty in Christian music.

The Rubyz Yields a Gem Here and There

Although they boast production from Chris Omartian (Jump5, Hilary Duff) and Joy Williams, The Rubyz is hit and miss as far as quality and musicianship, but the positive message the songs carry will resonate with tweens.

Country Music Vet Achieves Dream with I Turn to You

Last year, Richie McDonald left his 12-year post as Lonestar’s award-winning front man to fulfill a lifelong dream of recording an album focused on faith. His first solo release, I Turn to You, converts that dream into a reality.

Self-Titled Effort Shows Stacey Has a Ways to Go

Most listeners remember Phil Stacey because of his version of Keith Urban’s “Where the Blacktop Ends” on American Idol, when it became clear his voice was destined for country crooning.

Cindy Morgan Converses with Song on Beautiful Bird

Listen to Beautiful Bird on purpose—and with the intent of walking away like you just sat on the porch and had a deep conversation with Cindy Morgan about life, love and how God is utterly interwoven into the fabric of every piece.

Schlitt Returns to Solo Work with The Grafting

Thankfully for fans, a classic rocker rarely stays silent. Picking up where 1996’s Unfit for Swine left off, Schlitt releases The Grafting, soaring through 10 new recordings that service the legacy he began over 20 years ago.

Manafest Raps for All People on Citizens Activ

Canadian-bred rapper Manafest (aka Chris Greenwood) turns in his third national release with Citizens Activ, with a meaningful soundtrack he can just as easily take to church youth group kids as he can the inner city streets.

Colors and Sounds Trades Up to Clever and Edgier

On Colors and Sounds, string-based Canadian trio Article One leaves behind rote pop anthems and trades them in for clever, edgier songs that offer layers of textures and instrumental moments.

Modern Worship Gets Soulful on The Bridge

It’s somewhat disheartening that the bulk of The Bridge is drawn from the most cited pages of the modern worship playbook, but that’s where Anthony Evans’ heart lies. Thankfully, he and his backup vocalists are as soulful as ever.

Weber's Promise Revealed on World of Wonder

Jenn Weber moved to Nashville four years ago to pursue her musical career. Now, her full-length debut, World of Wonder, reveals the promise that leads one to take the courageous step to move away from home.

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