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Pocket Full of Rocks’ Manifesto Falls Short

As a follow-up to its highly acclaimed debut, Song to the King, as well as its two Dove nominations, the second project from Texan quintet Pocket Full of Rocks falls a little short.

  • Grace S. Cartwright |
  • July 23, 2007 |
  • comments
Classical Training Evident on After Edmund’s Debut

After Edmund comes out of nowhere with the modestly titled Hello—an introductory opus that may as well be their seventh. All five musicians are classically trained, a strength they put to good use on this knockout, accomplished debut.

Nicol Sponberg’s Resurrection Makes a Comeback

After Curb Records’ initial release of Nicol Sponberg’s 2004 sophomore album, Resurrection, kicked back four hit radio singles, including a mainstream AC smash, they decided to reissue it with the addition of a remixed track and bonus cut.

More Worth Saying on Shust’s Whispered and Shouted

Audiences who enjoyed Shust’s debut album will love this new collection. On Whispered and Shouted, he makes the transition from promising newcomer to established artist and displays a depth of talent sure to keep him a force in the music community for years to come.

  • Deborah Evans Price |
  • July 16, 2007 |
  • comments
It’s Good Vs. Evil on Project 86's Rival Factions

Spider-Man is not the only one battling inner demons and the dark side of self this summer; we all are. Project 86 tackles the classic good vs. evil theme on Rival Factions, the band’s sixth full-length release and its most original and enjoyable album to date.

Greatest Hits Introduces dcTalk to a New Generation

In addition to sixteen tracks, dcTalk’s Greatest Hits serves up eleven of their most popular music videos. And while this disc doesn’t offer much to the established fan, it is just in time to bring music from an iconic band to a new generation.

Emotional Spectrum Found Lacking on Do You Feel

The Rocket Summer’s previous release was a nearly flawless album with its only true pitfall being the lack of a broad emotional spectrum. Even the sad songs sounded happy, and unrealistically so. Unfortunately, with TRS’s latest, Do You Feel, this remains the same.

All of the Above Points Listeners Outside the Church

Songs on Hillsong United’s All of the Above don’t just include platitudes to God but confront the worshipper with challenges, as Hillsong United motivates a generation to seek justice and be Christ’s messenger outside church walls.

Former Hard Rocker Debuts Salvation Lights

Having walked away from his hard-rockin’ days with the Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies and then Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Double Trouble, Mike Farris delivers the same exuberant edge to his INO debut and hits it right outta the park.

Rookie Rockers Impress with Rush of Fools Debut

Just over a year ago, Rush of Fools was leading worship on a local level and decided to sign up for Youth with a Mission’s inaugural “Band with a Mission” contest. Upon winning, Rush of Fools found itself quickly snatched up into the world of labels, studios and touring.

Good Music Is Made with These Friends of Mine

These Friends of Mine reminds listeners of a group of friends passing the guitar around. It is the simple, yet beautiful, combination of good friends making good music.

All Star United Challenges with Love and Radiation

The sly power of All Star United continues on fifth release, Love and Radiation. With music so well crafted, brilliantly witty and thoughtful, they definitely earn the right to challenge our thinking and living.

More Worship for the Church on Holding Nothing Back

Holding Nothing Back stays true to Tim Hughes’ modern worship sound. With driving beats and infectious melodies, his songwriting is easily accessible to today’s church.

Timing Could Be Off for Cheri Keaggy’s Latest

Cheri Keaggy’s Because He First Loved Us should be enjoyed in many churches and fellowships and among slightly older audiences. But, unfortunately, it might not find as warm a reception outside of the dwindling AC market.

New Trio Blends Country, Rock and Pop on 33Miles

With a name that refers to the 33 years that Jesus lived on earth and the fact that He had (and we all still have) “miles” to cover while on this planet, 33Miles unashamedly debuts as the “Christian” Rascal Flatts.

Innocence Mission’s Song Another Quiet Triumph

Songwriter, vocalist and pianist Karen Peris has always written in the vocabulary of childhood. On The Innocence Mission’s We Walked in Song, she explores the still-fresh loss of her parents through vintage images of days in the park and birthday parties.

Webb Sounds The Ringing Bell for the World

With The Ringing Bell, Derek Webb takes his listeners on a retro, rhythm-driven trippy stroll through ’60s rock & roll sounds and lyrics that are expectedly deep—though happily conversational and even funny.

Keaggy Stays Close to Home on Dream Again

Phil Keaggy has described Dream Again, his first vocal album in six years, as a “relationship album,” touching upon our relationship with God and those He has placed close to us.

Unorthodox Reveals Redemptive Hip-Hop in Community

With this double-disc set, Urban D offers up the best music of his near decade-long career as well as a DVD overview of the revolutionary hip-hop oriented Crossover Church. Even as the Tampa-based fellowship has come into its own with Urban D as pastor, D himself is coming into his own.

  • Anthony Barr-Jeffrey |
  • June 10, 2007 |
  • comments
Evangelical Rock Made on Heroes

Lyrically, This Beautiful Republic’s message is anything but subtle, and the band members make no apologies for it on their debut. They are here for one purpose: to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.

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