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Jackson Waters Gives Southern Edge to Come Undone

With Come Undone, Jackson Waters lives up to the high expectations set up by their earlier attention-grabbing EP. The full-length debut offers eleven tracks of pop-rock with a southern edge, a radio-friendly blend that easily straddles hard and soft rock while supplying an endless stream of hooks.

Old Is New Again on Oceans Above

Described by its record label as “more of a concept than an actual band,” Oceans Above is a group of musicians who are attempting to make classic praise & worship songs sound totally original and completely their own.

Beeching Takes Invisible Sophomore Leap

On her sophomore effort, Painting the Invisible, Vicky Beeching collaborates with Ed Cash, Matthew West, Marc Byrd and Joy Williams to create a vibrant color palette of sound.

Everyday Sunday Returns with Amped-Up Wake Up!

Wake Up! Wake Up! just may put an end to Everyday Sunday’s under-the-radar status. The quintet is back with a vengeance with a third offering, and they’ve brought their crunchy guitars and power drums with them.

Building 429’s Iris to Iris a Sonic Feast

Iris to Iris takes Building 429’s artistry to a new level. Band members Jason Roy, Michael Anderson and Jesse Garcia worked with veteran producer Brown Bannister to craft an album that is a sonic feast.

Things Get Personal in KJ-52’s Yearbook

OnThe Yearbook, KJ-52 shares about his high school days with several hysterical rhymes and more sobering stories, but bridges a modern hip-hop approach with that old-school era (recalling the diverse likes of Arrested Development, A Tribe Called Quest and The Fugees).

McCoy Has Talent to Spare on Self-Titled Debut

Darlene McCoy has vocal talent and passion to spare. Despite the heavy-handed production of her self-titled debut, it will be interesting to hear her when she has pared down her focus a bit, nailed down her unique style and been turned lose to explore it unhindered.

Gray’s Losers an Anthem for the Underdogs

There’s something refreshing and inspiring about an artist who embraces the reality that we’re all losers at heart, each facing our own insecurities. And singer/songwriter Jason Gray does just that as he lays his heart on the line through his music and stands up for “the little people.”

Mullen Sits at the Feet of Wisdom on Sharecropper’s Seed

Nicole C. Mullen’s latest album is named after the title track, a sparsely orchestrated, acoustic guitar-driven ballad in which she traces her roots back to her grandfather--a wise old sharecropper who was careful to pray for a bountiful harvest in both the natural and spiritual realms.

Speak to Me Backs Up Moore's Calling

With 16 albums to his credit in a 22-year career, Geoff Moore shows no signs of slowing down. He is confident in his calling and has a solid plan in mind to accomplish it. The man knows who he is, and for the most part Speak to Me backs it all up.

Glory Reveals a Classic Take on Modern Worship

Multi-artist worship projects are certainly not new to this scene, but in Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship, producer and contributor Mac Powell (Third Day) accomplishes something both unique and classic in Christian music.

Third Day Delivers on First Part of Chronology

Chronology, Volume One spans the inaugural five years and first four albums of one of the past decade’s most successful acts (i.e., six million albums sold, a couple dozen Dove and GRAMMY® Awards, 24 No. 1 singles). Its sequel is due to drop August 7.

  • John Michael DeMarco |
  • May 11, 2007 |
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Parents, Tweens Should Welcome pureNRG’s Power-Pop Debut

pureNRG’s power-pop debut on Fervent Records should be a welcome arrival for the tweener audience. And most likely for their parents, too, as appropriate entertainment for children is getting harder and harder to find—especially in the sexually-charged culture of the day.

Until June’s Debut Issues Love Songs in a Piano Key

Until June’s music—which will be distributed exclusively to the general market—will rightfully be compared to Ben Folds, Something Corporate, Keane, Coldplay and others simply because the music revolves and draws focus from the piano of Josh Ballard and his bright-voiced love song melodies.

  • Brian Quincy Newcomb |
  • May 07, 2007 |
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Pieces an Average Rendering from an Exceptional Artist

Although Shawn McDonald's gravelly voice sounds passionately warm, Scattered Pieces: Live isn’t a strong, memorable set. Hopefully, this release will help anticipation build for McDonald’s next studio attempt, which will hopefully raise his profile and sustain his creative journey.

Southern Weather Could Be a Breakthrough for The Almost

With excellent songwriting and more than impressive performances, Southern Weather is the solo project from Underoath vocalist Aaron Gillespie (known as The Almost). Its unique and current sound has the makings of an indie rock breakthrough.

Waking Up Could Be Dillon's Career Album

From the first note of "Waking Up," one is quick to realize that this could be a career album for the still young Bethany Dillon. At merely 18, Dillon releases her third album this month -- a project that is not only mature lyrically but, musically, is leaps and bounds beyond her two previous efforts.

Newcomer Jeremy Riddle Follows in Modern Worship Steps

Following on the heels of modern worship staple Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Riddle's much anticipated release, "Full Attention," features 12 original worship tracks, produced by Bob Hartry.

Something for Rockers, God-Lovers on "Finally Awake"

Seventh Day Slumber’s latest, "Finally Awake," will satisfy rockers and God-lovers alike. Their third album is drenched in fervency and more of their own guitar-heavy pop-metal fare.

Relient K's "Five Score" Brilliant and Compelling

"Five Score and Seven Years Ago" is Relient K's fifth album in seven years. If you put aside the dorky album title and the "Crayons" novelty track, you are left with a brilliant and compelling album full of wonderful power-pop and alternative pop-punk songs.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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