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Echoing Angels Doesn't Differentiate on "Alone"

While there’s nothing inherently bad about the mix of pop/rock tracks and ballads on "You Alone," there’s nothing striking about them either, as Echoing Angels fails to differentiate itself from the rest of the Christian music pack.

  • Christa A. Banister |
  • April 20, 2007 |
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Sallie's Transformation Made Plain on "Ordinary"

After an extended absence from the music industry, Nate Sallie returns with the piano-based pop album, "Ruined for Ordinary," which shares Nate's internal transformation with listeners everywhere.

“7th Heaven” Star Makes a Promising Music Debut

Now in her 11th season as Lucy Camden Kinkirk on the CW series “7th Heaven,” Beverley Mitchell takes a shot at the positive country market with a solid set of songs on her self-titled debut.

  • Deborah Evans Price |
  • April 16, 2007 |
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Nordeman Celebrates Career With "Recollection"

With her new album, "Recollection," Nichole Nordeman introduces two new tracks and pulls 15 mile-marker songs from four albums that have done far more than sell almost 1 million copies, win nine GMA Dove Awards and land five No. 1 radio singles. They have allowed audiences to walk alongside her life journey.

"Cities" a Solid Third Effort from Anberlin

With tighter playing and stronger writing, "Cities" displays Anberlin’s growth as a band, as the songwriting team of singer Stephen Christian and guitarist Joseph Milligan lead the Florida quintet in creating what is a solid album.

Plenty of Radio-Friendly Singles on "Portable Sounds"

Always one to embrace what’s new technologically speaking, tobyMac gives the iPod generation exactly what it wants on his third solo outing, "Portable Sounds" -- plenty of radio-friendly singles that warrant repeated listens.

  • Christa A. Banister |
  • April 09, 2007 |
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"Twilight" Showcases Future of Forestry's Beauty

Future of Forestry is about beauty - from their name to the deeply personal lyrics. On "Twilight," the band’s emotive energy fuses this hope with a gorgeous arrangement of melodies and sounds that will leave you wanting more.

Group 1 Crew Creates Distinct Sound on Debut

With their self-titled debut, Group 1 Crew offers a rather fresh approach from within the Christian music industry. The trio tackles a wide a variety of styles, weaving in some Latin rhythms, guitars and some unique arrangements to help create a more distinct sound for themselves.

God's Glory the Focus on "Collide"

On his latest, "Where Fear and Faith Collide," Michael Olson takes on a universal dilemma: how to have faith in a fallen world. The album prepares the heart to fight this faith battle with songs that focus on God's glory.

Soaring Melodies, Intensity Found in "Lost Ocean"

Upstart EMI imprint Credential Recordings continues its impressive hitting streak with the self-titled debut from Bakersfield, California-based alternative pop/rock act Lost Ocean.

LaBelle's First, Full-On "Gospel" Disc Falls Short

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the way LaBelle expresses her convictions, but "Gospel" often falls short on this front, sounding more like poignant pleasantries rather than an amen-worthy testimonial after a lifetime lived in the spotlight.

Band's Electricity Nicely Packaged in "Mute Math"

With very little to complain about and nary a song that's not engaging, Mute Math's self-titled introduction serves up a heavy dose of the electricity of the group's live show packaged nicely in 14 immersive tracks.

Favorites, Spiritual Standards Covered on Cash's "Gospel"

Joanne Cash's latest album features a collection of fan favorites throughout the years, including original tunes, covers of spiritual standards and cuts with her late, great sibling Johnny.

Hawk Nelson Guitarist Tries "Fox Run" on the Side

Though Hawk Nelson's been touring virtually non-stop over the past two years, guitarist Jonathan Steingard appears to have spent every second of free time pulling together his new side project, "Fox Run."

Kutless Impresses on Stage in "Live From Portland"

Stout sound production and dazzling videography make for an impressive CD/DVD set capturing a stellar hometown performance from five-piece rock outfit Kutless. The recording took place on March 16, 2006, during the band’s “Hearts of the Innocent Tour.”

"Word of Mouth" Takes Reuben's Artistry to New Levels

While some of his past work felt a little dated and was far too lighthearted to truly be taken seriously, John Reuben takes his artistry to new levels with better lyrics and a far fresher sound on "Word of Mouth."

  • Christa A. Banister |
  • March 13, 2007 |
  • comments
MxPx "Let It Happen" Again in Deluxe Edition

MxPx's "Let It Happen" has been dusted off and has been released as a new "Deluxe Edition," complete with unreleased songs - including three old demos and three brand new studio recordings.

Dc Talk's "Jesus Freak" Still Great a Decade Later

It’s been 10 years since "Jesus Freak" busted up the joint, and a new 10th Anniversary Special Edition is a great revisit of this epic release. The project starts with a newly re-mastered copy of the original disc in all its glory which definitely brings out a better tone overall.

Spur58's "Sleepwalkers" Interesting, But Imitative

Though well-crafted and musically interesting, most of "Sleepwalkers" tends to slide into formulaic praise songs imitative of more experimental works by Delirious and David Crowder.

  • Brian Quincy Newcomb |
  • March 08, 2007 |
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"Inspired By" Disc a Strong Compliment to "Amazing Grace"

A fine work in its own right, "Music Inspired by the Motion Picture Amazing Grace" finishes as a strong compliment to the spirit of the film and is definitely not the typical tag-along disc destined for the annals of mediocrity.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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