Summer is a time best spent outdoors with friends and family, but before long fall will be here, and that means a slew of new television. Networks have already begun teasing viewers with glimpses of their upcoming shows, but which programs are really worth watching? More importantly, which ones are best suited for a Christian audience? Let’s start with a look at the new series coming to CBS.

NCIS: New Orleans

NCIS is one of the most popular crime dramas on television. It already has one successful spin-off under its belt, so finding NCIS: New Orleans on this list probably won’t shock anyone. Like past installments, Orleans revolves around a group of plucky investigators who come together and solve military-themed crimes, except this time they’re led by Special Agent Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) and work in the Big Easy. Expect any number of dull hijinks, gumbo references, and barely passable Cajun accents.

First Impressions: NCIS has always been a safe and reliable show for television viewers. Also, for a crime procedural it’s relatively tame, which Christian audiences will enjoy. Combine those two with potential crossover episodes and its likely NCIS: New Orleans will find a home in the CBS lineup.

Watch the trailer for NCIS: New Orleans


When he was still just a child, Walter O’Brien (Elyes Gable, World War Z) managed to hack the NSA and secured his place as one of the five smartest humans on the planet. Now an adult, this eccentric genius forms a Homeland Security think tank comprised of other like-minded nerds to help keep America safe. When he’s not out saving the world, Walter finds himself drawn to a young waitress (Katharine McPhee) who needs help connecting with her special-needs son. Over time, Walter may just discover what it’s like to feel “normal”.

First Impressions: Judging by the trailer, Christian viewers will probably accept the show because it delivers plenty of action without resorting to violence or overt sexuality. Scorpion is also directed by Justin Lin (who’s behind the Fast and Furious franchise), so there’s bound to be some fun moments.

Watch the trailer for Scorpion


Staring Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott, Stalker is a psychological thriller that follows two detectives who investigate stalking incidents. Lt. Beth Davis (Q) is a hard, driven member of the force and an expert in the field, but her own experience as a victim has left her with a thirst for vengeance. Her partner, Jack Larsen (McDermott), is a talented, but utterly self-possessed detective who just transferred from New York City’s homicide division. Together, they monitor and respond to stalking cases before they grow into something far more sinister.

First Impressions: As a psychological thriller, the show will likely be a success,but Stalker’s subject matter is too dark for most Christians. They’ll probably migrate toward safer programs like NCIS: New Orleans or CSI: Cyber