NBC has been struggling to draw viewers since it lost its golden hour of comedy on Thursday nights. However, it looks like the network plans to shake things up by introducing a more balanced approach to its programming this fall. With several dramas and only a handful of new comedies, will NBC reclaim its foothold among viewers? Let’s take a look and see.                   


State of Affairs

Katherine Heigl returns to TV as Charleston “Charlie” Tucker, a CIA analyst tasked with assembling the President’s Daily Briefing on national security. While considered an expert in her professional life, Tucker’s personal life is a complete wreck. This is largely due to the murder of her husband, an international aid worker who also happened to be the president’s son. Now both women must put their differences aside and learn to work together if they hope to find and punish those responsible.     

First Impressions: Recent years have not been kind to Heigl. Her Box Office performance has been pretty poor (one film was even voted “Worst Movie of the Year” by a Crosswalk editor), and State of Affairs doesn’t look that promising either. Can any viewer really picture her as a high ranking, CIA analyst? State of Affairs won’t win any points with Christian audiences either, since Tucker’s grieving process seems to include a lot of anonymous sex.   

Watch the trailer for State of Affairs


The Mysteries of Laura

Next in NBC’s “independent women” lineup is The Mysteries of Laura, which stars Debra Messing. Billed as a dramedy, the show chronicles the life of homicide detective and divorced, single-mom, Laura Diamond. While she may be good at busting bad guys and solving crimes, Laura is less successful when it comes to managing her precocious twin boys and her lazy ex-husband. One thing's for sure though, she’ll bring her own brand of motherly wisdom to whatever odd-ball crime scene she frequents.                

First impressions: Christians will no doubt be upset to find another broken family on television, but aside from that bump in the road the rest of the show looks light and funny. With a little luck and some capable acting, The Mysteries of Laura might just survive the investigation.

Watch the trailer for The Mysteries of Laura


Marry Me

In Marry Me, one longtime couple’s relationship is turned upside-down when Jake (Ken Marino) accidentally botches his marriage proposal to Annie (Casey Wilson). Now after six years of dating, the pair must decide whether they’re really meant to be together or if it’s high time they called it quits. This madcap comedy is brought to you by Happy Endings creator, David Caspe, and stars two of the best character actors in the business. Marry Me promises plenty of laughs on the road to the altar, but can it sustain them?