Here’s a question: what do Daniel Radcliff, Kiera Knightly, James Cameron, and Jodie Foster all have in common? Well, quite a lot actually, but in this case I’m referring to the fact that they are all prominent atheists. In a recent article on CNN, the four Hollywood icons were featured among other notable individuals as part of a segment about the growing trend of anti-theism around the world. While it’s not uncommon for stars to promote atheism, the article did set me thinking. Christian artists tend to get a bum rap in the world of mainstream entertainment.

You see, atheists have a reputation for embracing any and all aspects of the creative life, while Christians have been typecast as zealots confined to the rigid guidelines of scripture. Overall, the message from Hollywood is that an atheist artist will entertain you; a Christian artist will give you a cleverly disguised sermon. It’s a hard stereotype to break, but that does not make it true. Despite what people say, you don’t have to compromise your faith to be a successful actor or author, and your creativity is not limited to making worship music. Here are just a few Christian artists who made an impact in the mainstream media.   

Christian Musicians

Skillet – This high-octane band has seen a number of changes in its membership over the years, yet its music and overall message of faith have consistently stayed the same. As stated in a recent Crosswalk article, Skillet’s album Awake was one of only three rock sets to be certified platinum in 2012. The band has received two Grammy nominations and even had tours in Australia, Japan, and New Zealand. Not bad for a group made up of Christian musicians.


Owl City – Even casual listeners will recognize the electro-pop tunes of Owl City. The projects founder, Adam Young, has never been shy about his Christian faith, but this has done little to hinder the group’s success. To date, Owl City has released four studio albums, toured the U.S. and Europe, as well as collaborated with a number of other artists. Impressive feats for any musician, and Owl City is just getting started.

The Fray – While The Frayis not as outgoing with their faith as the other members on this list, their music still pay tribute to their Christian roots. The band member’s lives were largely formed in Denver, Colorado, where they led worship in churches, and their first album, How To Save a Life, was met with great success. Since then the band has done well, releasing three albums and seeing their music featured on a number of popular TV shows. Hard to believe it can all be traced back to a few churches in Colorado.

Carrie Underwood – Not all American Idol winners have gone on to achieve success, but no one can accuse county singer Carrie Underwood of falling short. After winning the fourth season of American Idol Underwood went on to become a multi-platinum selling recording artist, a winner of six Grammy Awards, sixteen Billboard Music Awards, seven American Music Awards, and Ten Country Music Awards. Underwood, who is a practicing Christian, has certainly proven she can perform with the best of them.