Christian Authors

Veronica Roth - Up and coming author Veronica Roth made a huge splash when she penned the best-selling YA novel Divergent and its sequel Insurgent. Roth, who identified herself as Christian in her blog, is a great example of a writer who reflects gospel themes without sacrificing the integrity of her story. Case in point, her heroin, Beatrice Prior, may spend her free time getting tattoos and bareknuckle-boxing, but she doesn’t hesitate to put herself in harm’s way for the sake of others.

Steven James –Steven James has written a number of inspirational books about Christ’s message, but he’s probably most recognized for his psychological thriller series, The Bower Files. Each book is James series delves into the life of Pat Bowers, an environmental criminologist, who works closely with the FBI on their most dangerous cases. To date, The Bower Files have seen seven installments, with two more on the way, yet James has still found time to introduce a second series, The Jevin Banks Experience.


Tedd Dekker – Ted Dekker is one of the more recognized names in Christian literature. His first mainstream thriller, Thr3e, was met with high praise, and paved the way for his widely popular Circle series. With over a dozen titles under his belt, and several tandem projects with authors like Bill Bright, Frank Peretti, and Tosca Lee, Dekker is one of the most successful Christian authors with a mainstream audience. Not to mention he only started writing after a successful run in the corporate world.           


Tyler Perry – While Tyler Perry’s films may inspire laughter; his past was anything but happy. Having faced more darkness in his childhood than most people face in their entire lifetime, the actor/director often attributes his faith in Christ to why he’s still alive today. Perry also sees his main character, the hard but lovable Madea, as a way of finding common ground with an unbelieving audience.


Jim Caviezel – It’s always nice to know that the actor who portrayed Jesus also believed in Him. Jim Caviezel is best known for his depiction of Jesus in The Passion of the Christ and John Reese on the CBS drama Person of Interest. Both Caviezel and his wife are devout Catholics and have attended many religious venues since The Passion of the Christ. They have also lent their support to many charitable causes, and even adopted two children from China.

Denzel Washington – Denzel Washington is easily one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood today. He has received two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Glory and Best Actor for Training Day, as well as two Golden Globe awards and a Tony Award. When asked what he’d be doing if he weren’t acting however, Washington stated he would probably become a preacher. He considers his acting ability a gift from God, and believes it is his responsibility to use it for good. Inspiring words for young Christian artists.

*This Article First Published 7/26/2013