Wrap each project in prayer.  Focus on communing with God as you do your work.  Rely on the power the Holy Spirit gives you and dedicate your work to Him.  Don’t rush ahead of your inspiration; patiently wait for God to reveal each idea and next step in the project.  Ask God to anoint your work so it will have the impact He wants it to have.

Enjoy seeing what happens.  God is in control of what ultimately results from your creative projects.  Trust Him to open doors of opportunity for your creative projects in the right places and at the right times.  Whether or not your creative work succeeds by the world’s standards, it will be a success if you do it in loving obedience.  Measure your progress by how faithful to God you are as a creative person, rather than how successful other people consider your projects to be.  When you faithfully collaborate with God on creative work, you not only grow as a person during the process, but you also actually help usher His kingdom into the world.  That’s always something to celebrate!  So if your work fails from the world’s perspective, remember that there is still great value in it.  And if your work succeeds in the world’s eyes, be careful not to let it define you.  Remember that only God defines you, and creative projects are just tools that He can use to help you grow.

Adapted from Finding Divine Inspiration: Working with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity, copyright 2008 by J. Scott McElroy. Published by Destiny Image Publishers, Shippensburg, Pa., www.destinyimage.com.
. Scott McElroy is a writer, voiceover artist, visual artist, and award-winning radio producer who is passionate about redeeming the arts through collaborating with the Holy Spirit. As a voiceover artist, he hosted the Animal Planet TV series “Wildlife Journal” from 2004-2007. His voice is heard on national TV commercials, video games, websites and more. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife Danielle daughter Hailee and son Kaia.

Original publication date: August 7, 2009