In the section on being serious about faith, Staub uses the idea of presence as his organizing theme: God's deep presence, God's transforming presence, and God's loving presence. Staub makes a very convincing argument about how, to be a culturally savvy Christian, a Christian must be living experientially the life of those called to the Christian faith.

The final section discusses how a Christian must be skilled in relating artistic savvy-ness to a serious faith. This section is where the rubber meets the road. Having developed the tool kit, Staub now shows us how to use those tools properly in order to have a very fulfilled life, whether as a Christian artist or as a Christian partaking of the arts. In our shallow and superficial culture, Christians are particularly equipped to provide depth and meaning to that culture via the arts, if only they take both the arts and their faith seriously. Too often Christian responses become out of balance: if they don't take their faith seriously enough, the resultant art looks little different from what is already being produced (viz, shallow and superficial in its meaning); if they don't take their art seriously, then it becomes a tract that is also little different from what is being produced (viz, shallow and superficial in its execution). The middle road is what Staub calls us t meaningful and skilled artistic production.


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