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Rebecca Barlow Jordan Daily in Your Presence Devotional

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Daily in Your Presence - March 5

  • 2010 Mar 05

 Day 64



  But you remain the same,
and your years will never end.
Psalm 102:27

My child, in a world of changing values, few things remain the same. But I am one of them. What I say, goes. What I promise, stands. What I was yesterday, I still am today. I gave you My Word, just for you. You can always count on Me. My love, My faithfulness, and My goodness will always chase you in order to make you more like Me.

Lord, while my emotions rise and fall like a roller coaster, You never change. You are always good, always loving, always kind, always fair. You are the same yesterday as You will be tomorrow.  What a comforting thought! Thank You for Your immutability, Lord.


We are never alone in the journey of life. His presence is there—a welcome, unseen friend.

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