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Daily in Your Presence - April 19

  • 2010 Apr 19

Day 110


For Christ,
our Passover lamb,
has been sacrificed.
1 CORINTHIANS 5:7Psalms 115:15


My child, whenever I passed over the homes and saw the blood on the doorposts of My people so long ago, I did that with you in mind, as well. Whenever the priests offered a lamb as a sacrifice for sin, I was thinking of you. And when I became the Passover lamb Myself, spilling My life's blood for your sin, I did it for you - a permanent sacrifice that would erase sin forever in your heart. Enjoy My forgiveness, Child.

Like the passover lambs, whose blood was once sprinkled on the doorposts of Your people to avert the death angel's hand, Your blood sprinkled the doorposts of my heart and became the living sacrifice so I could live. What love You gave, Lord.


If God hadn't "passed over," we would have gone "down under."

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