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"Yieldedness" - Daily in Your Presence - Aug. 29

  • 2010 Aug 29

Day 242


Yet it was the Lord's will

to crush him and cause him to suffer.

Isaiah 53:10

My child, others stomp on your "rights" constantly and challenge you to react in unbecoming ways. In those moments, remember My pain. Remember that My Father's will included suffering and the yielding of rights. My "yieldedness" gave you a pattern in dealing with others—and opened up throne rights for all of My children. I exchanged My rights for God's best. Can you do the same?

If You, the Son of God, were crushed, stricken, afflicted, and oppressed with no rights of Your own, should I expect to be treated any differently? In exchange for my past, You offered Your throne. In exchange for my rights, You made heaven my home. Lord, thank You for Your "yieldedness."


There are no career ladders in heaven.

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