My good friend took these verses very seriously as he is a true student of the Bible. But He found these verses to be at odds with what he has been taught and what the popular view is. So, as I asked him, I ask you, the reader, after reviewing these passages:

  1. Has Jesus come on the clouds within His generation, as He said He would, to His disciples, the Jewish council and to the readers of the Book of Revelation?
  2. Are we in the kingdom yet? John told his readers they were made to be a kingdom.
  3. In general, how are we to interpret the Bible? Read it for what it says, take these verses and interpret in a literal sense? We did!
  4. What do we do when our theology/eschatology does not match what Jesus said? Change what Jesus said or study His Word and bring our eschatology in line with what He said?
  5. Most importantly:  Is Jesus a Liar, Lunatic or Lord? We all know this answer. But the popular view of eschatology today may be in conflict with what Jesus says.
  6. How many times must Jesus say it for us to believe it? There are many other passages that point to a different conclusion than what most of us have been taught.

Be a Berean and study the Word!

Paul R. Lopez is a longtime educator, coach, and student of the Word. Because he, too, was raised to believe the popular view of eschatology, he welcomes your questions or comments.