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Breaking the Bank: How Safe Are Your Savings?

Given the current struggles in the banking industry, it's worth adding up how much you actually do have in any single bank, and, if necessary, taking steps to protect it...

How Should We Manage Our Debts?

In the business world in general and on Wall Street in particular, debt is part of managing money. What is the Christian’s attitude toward debt? And should we be generous in helping people mired in debt?

He Said-She Said: Relationships with Non-Christians

“What are your thoughts on relationships with non-Christians, especially with the opposite sex? How good of friends should we become?” Find out what “He” and “She” have said in response.

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • October 03, 2008 |
  • comments
Loving the Unloving Spouse

We sometimes fail to live our lives with the appropriate level of passion and urgency. And the tender place where this neglect often wounds us the worst is in an apathetic marriage...

Faith, Not Fear: God and Wall Street

Most of us have been badly shaken by the tumultuous events of the last 48 hours in Wall Street...

Churches Striving to Make Unchurched Men Feel Welcome

Is the average worship experience enough to entice an outdoorsman with precious few weekend hours back to church?

Ten Megaton Acceptance

Jesus made his grace available to all, not some, which kept him from blending with contemporary religion. Acceptance was based on nothing else but honesty of need.

Are You Making Money?

When you hold a dollar bill in your hand you should see it as a certificate of achievement. You provided a service or product that someone valued more than that dollar...

What a Man Brings to Marriage

We often focus on what we will get out of a marriage relationship. Perhaps it’s time to start focusing on what we men can bring, so that we will have something to offer at the table (a man’s dowry, if you will) before making a life-long commitment.

How a Man Knows He's Met His Future Wife

The Workaholic

As a former workaholic myself, I can tell you the root of overworking is often 1) a fear of loss, and 2) a need for self-acceptance created by performance.

Protecting Your Son From Aggressive Girls

How can we prepare our teenage sons for dealing with the attention and temptation being thrown at them?

Let Your Relationships Refine Not Define

How close are you to being what God created? Don’t allow your unsuccessful relationships to define who you are, rather use them to refine you into the person God has designed and planned for you to be.

‘Killer Skills’: When Success Traps You

"Killer skills" are those skills a person does well (and may even be renowned for using) but that they really dislike. A person in this situation may find themselves confused, thinking, “People tell me I do this so well; hasn’t God gifted me to do this?”

  • Kevin Brennfleck and Kay Marie Brennfleck |
  • July 29, 2008 |
  • comments
Stopping at Second: Baseball Lesson II

If only the little guy hadn’t taken his eyes off his coach, our team would have been set up to score. Shocked by how well he’d done, the young hitter was unable to even consider how much further he could go.

Josh Hamilton: From Heroin to Home Run Hero

While he smiled and gladly accepted the praise of the New York crowds and his fellow All-Stars, the Texas Rangers' Josh Hamilton turned attention to the most important facet of his life.

Jesus Christ: Heart Radiologist in Residence

Jesus is a very good heart radiologist, always addressing the core issues preventing connections with Him and His Father's purposes. Here's the scary part: He lives in us.

Safeguard Against Workplace Temptations

Coaching Corner: The Holy Side of Anger

How you choose to express your feelings can be moral or immoral, mature or immature. But the feelings themselves are neutral. More importantly, they're part of being human. And that certainly includes the human feeling of anger.

Does My Spouse Need to Know?

I receive questions like this one all the time: Should I reveal to my spouse events from my past even though I believe he could never find out about them?

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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