* Show courage. Know that, as a leader, you won’t be immune to fear, but you can learn to manage your fears so you can move forward despite them. Realize that your salvation experience with Jesus breaks the power of sin in your life. Remember that God is with you all the time – even when you preach, when you lead a difficult meeting, when you referee relational conflicts, when you make controversial decisions, or when you face competing agendas. Memorize key Scripture verses about fear and use them to confront your fear with the truth. Remember that what you imagine might happen to you is generally not as bad as what actually does happen to you. Instead of worrying about your concerns, pray about each of them. If you sense God leading you to take action on something, go ahead and do so even if you still feel afraid, trusting that He will help you. Rest securely in God’s love, knowing that as you do, confidence will replace your fear. Obey God, understanding that doing so will render many fearful situations irrelevant.

* Sustain passion. Recognize that passion is much deeper than a feeling – it’s a force that God ignites for ministry and propels your service. Ask God to help you see people as He views them. Accept people as they truly are instead of who you would like them to be, and work with them despite their flaws. Relate to people on their terms; rather than expecting them to come to you, go to where they are and enter their world to build genuine friendships with them. Listen more than you talk. Discover people’s real needs, and help meet them. Commit yourself fully to the people you’re currently ministering to instead of holding back while you look for a better assignment. Give your best effort to where you are right now, and expect God to ignite your passion in the process. Don’t let burnout steal your passion. Be sure to take a Sabbath rest each week, retreat occasionally, and take a vacation every year.

Adapted from The Character of Leadership: Nine Qualities that Define Great Leaders, copyright 2007 by Jeff Iorg. Published by B&H Publishing Group, Nashville, Tn., www.broadmanholman.com
Dr. Jeff Iorg became the seventh president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in August 2004.  His background includes experience as a pastor, writer, church planter, and denominational leader.  He came to the seminary from a position as Executive Director-Treasurer of the Northwest Baptist Convention. Before his leadership at the state convention, Dr. Iorg was pastor of two churches, Greater Gresham Baptist Church in Gresham, Oregon, and Green Valley Baptist Church in Missouri.  He also served as a staff pastor at Elmcrest Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas.  From 1990 to 2004, he taught preaching, evangelism and leadership courses as an adjunct professor for Golden Gate Seminary. Dr. Iorg and his wife, Ann, have three adult children - Casey, Melody, and Caleb.  He is also a chaplain for the San Francisco Giants.