Grow an Aggressive Awareness

Predators thrive on their prey being unaware of their presence.  Spiders spin translucent webs.  Sharks have sensors running the length of the bodies that detect  unsuspecting “lunches” before them detect them.   Alligators and crocodiles rely on their stealth and stillness while their prey unwittingly walks to the porch of their vice-like jaws.   Birds of prey fall out of the sky with talons fanned out and ready to clinch.  All their victims did not see their end coming.  Other times in nature you see the exact opposite.  Birds spot predators and call out a warning.  Monkey or baboon troops have a sentry network and give the universal “get outa here, predator is in the house” yell that activates the flight response of the group.  Other animals use their sense of smell, sonar, visual awareness or other God-engineered warning systems to avoid an untimely end.  Most animals know whose menu they’re on, who represents a threat, and when things aren’t right—hopefully in time.    When you are a potential meal at any moment, let’s just say you develop a little “sensitivity” to certain characters and factors occurring in your environment.  

Here’s FIGHT fact: A proactive awareness betters the odds of survival. 

 The wild kingdom metaphor is one God thought we should learn from as God’s man in terms of growing an aggressive awareness of evil and it’s opportunistic method of eating believers alive. "Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up" (I Peter 5:8 MSG). Heady. Alert. Guard up. This might be termed an aggressive awareness based on the recognition of reality. Any other attitude toward the active and present threat of evil is, by default, suicidal. When you are not awake and aware you are asleep and vulnerable. All you are left with is to react the best you can and reactive spiritual warfare usually means late.  Late usually means overwhelmed with fangs deeply imbedded in the back of your neck.  This style of spiritual living might be labeled an indifferent laziness rooted in ignorance or apathy or both.   A not aware God’s man is a biblical oxymoron.  Key word: moron.  Bend over a watering hole in front of a salivating lion and watch what happens. 

General Douglas MacArthur had a propensity for noting the obvious when it came to wars, winning battles, and avoiding defeats. "D. Mac's" wisdom is telling for every God’s man. "All military defeats," he notes, "can be summed up in two words: too late. You lose battles when you are too late to discern the danger and too late to act against it."

It’s not too late… yet.

Kenny Luck is the Men's Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He is also the Founder and President of Every Man Ministries which helps churches worldwide develop and grow healthy men's communities. Please visit for more information.