Live Like a Man, Live Like Men

Titus 1 

What does it mean to live for something? It means:           

  • To be committed
  • To be an advocate
  • To be intentional
  • To be actively seeking
  • To be financial involved
  • To be willing to give time

What does it mean to give your life for something? It means:

  • To be all in!
  • To surrender

Titus is a letter from Paul to Titus. We could think of it as a memo from an older man to a younger with instruction on how to live like a man and directions on how to lead like men.  It is lessons from one leader to another, one leader who is mentoring the other in how to live and lead.

In this memo Paul models what it means to live and lead as a man.  His dedication, commitment, determination, and direction for Titus show the direction of his life and what he values the most. At the same time he teaches Titus how to live as a man, the kind of character it takes to be a man of faith and service for Christ.

Such a man is a man first of all and then he becomes a leader.  First he must live like a man, then he can lead like a man—a redeemed man who makes an eternal difference in his world.

This is always God's sequence:  live and then lead.

Too many try to lead without living. They try to succeed without a core, and their leadership always collapses.  What Paul teaches Titus to do is to lay an appropriate foundation so it will hold whatever you build on it.

Time Out Questions: 

1. What kind of a foundation are you laying for your leadership?

2. Where are you trying to lead without an adequate foundation of manliness? 

3. What is happening to your leadership efforts?

4. How can you strengthen your foundation so that you can be a stronger leader?

Paul took Titus with him to the Jerusalem Council as a private test case to determine if circumcision was required for salvation, but it was determined this was not the case (Gal. 2:1-3). 

Salvation comes solely by grace through faith with no pre-conditions of any kind.

Titus is living evidence that the gospel is a matter of pure grace, that all of us come to Christ by God's grace alone. The focus of Titus' life is grace, and that's at the heart of Paul's memo to him as he teaches his protégé how to live and lead. We live and lead by grace! Stop and think about what God's saving grace means in your life.

Time Out Questions:

What other thoughts do you have about grace?

There are several key themes in Titus we'll be looking at as we work out way through the book.  All of these themes appear a number of times in this short memo.  I list them below in the order that they appear.  Read the book and see how often each of them appears.  Fill in this table below with the references you discover.  Read the memo in several versions to understand it better.