Think Bono—U2 rock star and global activist who Salzman ranks as the numero uno ubersexual. Confident in his manhood, Bono is passionate for social causes, comfortable leading, and respectful toward women—masculine traits that Salzman could have lifted right off the pages of Scripture.

Then again, her inclusion of Donald Trump and Bill Clinton in her Top Ten means that the ubersexual leaves much to be desired. New Yorker Jonah Meyers speaks for many men slogging through the muddle: “It’s very confusing. One day men are told to have a mustache, the next week, they’re told to shave their chest. It’s confusing, it’s conflicting.”

Whether it is Alpha male, Metro male, or the Uber male, each is a dwarfed ideal whose shelf-life is determined by popular whim. Together they form a kaleidoscopic vision that has left a generation of men clueless about their masculine identity.

The Authentic Man

Towering above the conventional man is the Son of Man. As discussed last time, Jesus Christ modeled authentic manhood whose measure is not power, fashion, or passion, but joyful responsibility, humble service, and courageous leadership. It’s an ideal of masculinity that women who want to “feel safe and taken care of” will be drawn to.

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