Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Kenny Luck's new book, Dream, (WaterBrook Press, 2007).

It’s natural to want to be and do something great, since God has wired you to pursue a significant life. Those dreams stirring in your soul can come true if you embrace God’s plans with passion. 

Here’s how you can make God’s dreams for your life come true:

Ask God to help you see clearly. Don’t let your own agenda or other people’s expectations cloud your vision of what God wants your life to be like. Instead, choose to let God decide what’s best for you, since He – your Creator – knows you better than you know yourself. Realize that God’s ultimate dream for you is to become more like Jesus. Understand that God wants to use your current reality (not the fantasy of how you wish your life would be) to move you toward His dreams for you. Expect Him to use your struggles to accomplish good purposes. Rather than running from reality, let God bring glory through it. Exchange your own limited vision for God’s unlimited, much more powerful vision. Instead of fighting God’s process of making His ultimate dream for you come true – transforming you more into Jesus’ image – accept the discomfort, conflict, loss, and pain involved. Trust that going through anything God deems necessary is worth it, because He is accomplishing good purposes in your life that can’t be accomplished any other way. Constantly stretch the borders of your growth by praying regularly for God to continue changing you. Surrender every area of your life to God and eagerly anticipate how He will help you grow as a result.

Pay attention to what you’re leaking. Realize that your character qualities leak out into the lives of the people around you – for better or for worse. Strive to leak less sin and selfishness that stinks and leak more holiness instead. Know that God wants you to be visibly identified with Jesus in a way that brings Him glory, pouring out hope into the lives of people with whom you interact. Be faithful to God’s call to represent Jesus, even when others reject the Gospel. Be available for God to use you in any situation, and depend on the Holy Spirit to help you live out your faith with integrity. Study Jesus’ life to imitate how He interacts with people. Invite God to refine every part of your character, holding nothing back from His work in your life.

Be humble. Know that God has declared that you are important to Him, and He has approved your mission, so you’re free to be humble. Understand that you have nothing to prove. Ask God to help you be content with yourself, to desire recognition only from Him, to trust Him with your station in life, to refrain from threatening others, to be at ease with the weak, to be easy for people to embrace, to not feel any need to get credit from others, and to refrain from competition with others. Strive for influence without ego. In conflict, choose reconciliation instead of retaliation. Pass up power for yourself in order to increase God’s influence. Submit to God’s plans versus presuming them. Freely notice others. Empty yourself instead of holding onto a sense of self-entitlement. Be willing to humbly obey God’s purposes. Wait for God to honor your efforts in His time rather than trying to force results yourself. Be willing to exchange: comfort for discomfort, flattery for faithfulness, status for service, harshness for graciousness, titles for treasures in heaven, and safety for suffering. Don’t forget how important God and other people are, and keep your sense of your own importance in perspective. Learn all you can from Jesus. Focus on Him more than on yourself. Reach out to others in service as God leads you, humbly sharing God’s love.