Under the next section of each chapter, Movin' On, we'll consider how we might use the best of what that role taught us—the "gold" that we just identified—to fashion for ourselves the kind of life that we've always dreamed of having.

Finally, under Things to Do, we'll offer suggestions and exercises designed to enhance your experience and appreciation of what was covered in that chapter. Do whichever of these exercises feels comfortable to you, secure in the knowledge that if you don't do every single one of them God will strike you down for your lackadaisical attitude toward him, your family, your community, your church, and your very own self.


Say about us what you will, but you can't say we're not funny.

Okay—you can't say that we don't try to be funny.

Anyway, back to business.

Let's begin!

Excerpted from:
Midlife Manual for Men: Finding Significance in the Second Half by Stephen Arterburn and John Shore
Copyright © 2008; ISBN 9780764204234
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