If you’d like to read what others had to say, please visit www.HomeInvasion.org. (You can add your thoughts as well). The notes I appreciated the most were from fellow parents. As one woman wrote:

“My husband and I are raising two teenage boys. We homeschool, yet they are still inundated with the media portrayal of men as incompetent oafs. It just breaks my heart. Why in our society do we sit back and tolerate this nonsense? Oh, that's right... because if we (meaning conservative Christians) do speak out, we're labeled ‘INTOLERANT.’ Please, Rebecca, keep speaking out on behalf of our young men and continue to encourage the rest of us to do the same.”

You can count on it. Who knows? Maybe if we speak up on behalf of the men in our lives, we can turn this trend around. Let’s start today.

Rebecca Hagelin has championed the pro-family message in both Washington and around the nation for some twenty years. She is a vice president of The Heritage Foundation (Heritage.org) whose vision is to "Create an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish." Her weekly column, "Heart Beat", appears on WorldNetDaily.com and Townhall.com. For more information on her book visit: www.homeinvasion.org.