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Type A Sheep

Titus 1:1:  Paul, a slave of God . . . 

Remember the core principle from Titus 1:1-2 

What you give yourself for defines who you are and determines what you do, the way you do it, and why you do it. 

Who                 Person                         slave                            identity

Way                 Purpose                       for                                reason

What                Passion                        apostle/leader              response

Why                 Persuasion                  hope                            motive

Time out questions:

Who owns you?  Whose slave are you?  Who is your master? 

  • Whoever created you—the potter owns the clay

  • Whoever you obey/serve

  • Whatever you yield to

  • What ever inner hunger drives you

  • What ever fear dominates you

Whatever gives you power and control over life? 

What are some owners we can give ourselves to?

  • Lust

  • Money

  • Mammon

  • Greed

  • The identity we seek to get

  • Pride

What is our purpose in giving ourselves to be owned?

To be God

What does your owner demand of you?

What does your owner give you back in return for what he takes from you?