Who could own you?  What are some possible masters that could own you? 

*Mammon—the way you keep score and gain significance
*People—the way you get acceptance is to be liked and gain security
*Sex—really a play for power. 

What others might there be?

The bottom line is that we sell ourselves for the same thing, not matter what it is we enslave ourselves to.


Whether it's money or people or sex, our aim is to gain security and significance and to get this we must have power and control.

Time out questions:

How do you respond to the idea that we sell ourselves to the owner we think will give us power and control so we can be safe and secure?

What others masters have you sold yourself to in the past?

And what master are you selling yourself to now?

For your consideration:

The drive for security and control—really independence— fits with Satan's original appeal to us to be like God so we could be in the place of highest knowledge (the knowledge of good and evil) and greatest power—and control. Satan's plan for us is to make us independent of God, not so we can be truly independent, but so we can be dependent on him in his role as the prince of the power of the air, which means we live according to the course of this world (Eph. 2:2), blinded by him as the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4). 

Think about this:

Have you ever made a painful discovery about yourself and said, "I can't believe how blind I've been?" What was that blindness about?

What impact did that blindness have on your relationships?  On your values?  On your walk with God?

What part did you play in that blindness?  What made you want to be blind?  What signals did you miss in your blindness?  How willfully blind were you? 

What lessons did you learn from your blindness?

When that kind of blindness occurs you have given yourself over to Satan's kingdom, not to his possession, but to his kingdom.  In other words, you have chosen to buy into Satan's lie that you can be as God and taken over God's role in your life only to discover that you cannot be God; you can only end up with a master who destroys you and will never deliver you. It's not so much that Satan can't deliver you (he can't), but he won't deliver you (he doesn't want to; he wants you beholden and in bondage to him). 

What makes you want to be your own god?

Reality:  Type A Sheep

We think of ourselves as Type A Personalities, driven men, ambitious men, successful men who think we are in control, but who deceive ourselves into thinking we actually can control our careers and the results of our lives.

We like our drive.  We love the challenges we face in life and think of ourselves as being able to overcome and surmount any barrier we will ever face.  And we have evidence that we can do this since we have succeeded at it in the past—and we may still be succeeding as overcomers.

But we have some uneasiness within us.  Life isn't going quite as we expected it to.  The current economy is creating uncertainty within us; we don't know what's going to happen and when we don't know what's going to happen, we can't have the same level of confidence we've had in the past.