As it turns out, we are exactly what the Bible calls us:  sheep.  And sheep need a shepherd, but we try to shepherd ourselves, and it's not working.  If we take a good look at life, we discover self-shepherding never has worked and we're learning more and more that it never will work.  We're not really Type A Personalities as much as we're Type A Sheep, and Type A Sheep rush off in every direction trying to make their own way only to end up falling off cliffs, stuck in brambles, and breaking their legs.  What we need is a shepherd, but the owners to whom we currently give ourselves are not shepherds but thieves.  They have promised us everything and given us nothing.  Instead they have stolen us and all that matters to us and once they have all they want, they will toss us aside and leave us shattered and broken on the sheep pile of life.

Time out questions:

  • So how do you respond to being a sheep—a Type A Sheep?

  • Are you willing to own that identity?  Why?  Why not?

  • What are your needs as a Type A Sheep?

  • How are you currently meeting these needs?

  • How well are your needs currently being met?  Why?  Why not?

  • How can you see these needs more fully met?

  • What decisions must you make to have a shepherd who will fully meet your need?

Time now for the daily prayer: 

Dear God, 

I resign being You. 



The only option:

Knowledge is power, and power is what we want. We want security, but the only way to be totally secure is to have total control and the only way to have total control is to have total power. Or to have total trust by giving up our control to Someone who truly has the power and control we seek to give us the security we want.

The option is this:  to gain security through knowledge that gives us power and control or to gain security through knowing the One who has the power and control we need and can never get on our own.

We think we're trusting ourselves, but we're not; we're trusting whatever gives us the false sense of power and control. This means the bottom line of life is trust—and the only way we can trust is to give ourselves so totally over to the One with ultimate power and control that we become a slave.

Time out questions:

  • Which option are you choosing?

  • Whom do you trust with your life?

  • The answer to this question is the answer to the question "Who owns you?"

  • So what's your answer to "Who owns you?"


The concept of slave just doesn't make it with us. It was a repulsive concept to the ancient Greeks and it's a repulsive concept in the modern world. The ancient Greeks saw it as a perversion of human nature. Slaves could never be citizens in ancient Greece, so they never had the dignity of freedom nor could they speak with the voice of the people. They were without voice or value—they didn't exist in society.