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Miracle at Christmas: My Baby Cheated Death

God's showed us His miraculous power at Christmas

Rediscovering the Blessings of Christian Community in Tough Economic Times

With tougher times still ahead, the American church needs an altogether different way of living life together. Steve Hall outlines a compelling vision based on biblical truth.

Incarnation Minus Paganism: A Christmas What-If

Suppose we could strip away all the layers of non-biblical or pagan influence upon the celebration of Christ's birth. What would we have left?

  • Dr. Stanley J. Ward |
  • December 05, 2011 |
  • comments
Live Sacrilegiously... Like Jesus

Jesus didn’t live the kind of life that the Christian culture now considers to be a good Christian lifestyle.

O Christmas Tree

Every year we have the best tree ever. Really. It is a beautiful tradition; I decorate to the glory of God.

  • John Mark Reynolds |
  • December 02, 2011 |
  • comments
The Importance of Saying "No"

The current trend is to work harder than ever at finding ways to say “yes” to the world in order to gain a hearing.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • December 02, 2011 |
  • comments
Fighting Fears of the Future

I waste so much time and energy dreading things that may happen or things that aren’t half the big deal I’ve made them out to be.

From War to Joy on Christmas

Why the overheated complaining about the "War on Christmas" misses the mark

Don’t Let Counterfeit Convictions Ruin Christmas

As we celebrate the ultimate gift of the freedom we have in Christ, it's healthy to explore why we feel like we're in bondage in other areas.

Flying with the Flock: Why We Need a Church Community

Barna Research determined that one out of every four adults does not attend a church, and the “unattached” feel more stressed out and less optimistic about their futures than regular churchgoers.

Are You Motivated By Grace or Guilt? Shake Off Feelings of Guilt

The Bible says there is no condemnation for those in Christ. Why would we be movitivated by feelings of guilt rather than grace?

Making Thanksgiving Memories that Matter

In these times of economic difficulties, may we all keep in mind what really matters when it comes to creating happy memories.

Why Moralism Is Not the Gospel -- And Why So Many Christians Think It Is

The basic structure of moralism comes down to this -- the belief that the Gospel can be reduced to improvements in behavior.

The Crushing Weight of Glory

If the Apostle Paul suffered greatly and found joy, those of us who suffer lightly in comparison should be able to find the same joy.

A Soul Pick-Me-Up: Write Letters Of Gratitude

Not in the mood to be thankful? Try this soul pick-me-up: letters of gratitude.

Ruth: Sex, Race, and God's Sovereignty at Work

Ruth is a very old book. How is it relevant and helpful for life today? John Piper discusses seven reasons why this book of love, ethnicity, and God's sovereignty deserves our attention.

The Power of the Tongue

Words, often spoken without thought, can construct and create or damage and destroy.

Staying Spiritual During the Holidays

Joy-to-the-world begins with each of us individually. Therefore, we must guard against our output exceeding our intake.

  • Tonilee Adamson |
  • November 12, 2011 |
  • comments
The Discipline of Going to Church

Attending church can become routine, but this is one routine worth cultivating.

Why Do People Matter?

Avoiding eye contact, not offering greetings, and other anti-social behavior is common, but hardly Christian. How do we overcome natural indifference - even hostility - toward others?

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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