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The Gospel For Everyday Life

  • Tullian Tchividjian |
  • July 21, 2009 |
  • comments
Celebrate Christmas in July

I no longer dreaded a day full of errands in the sun-baked desert. In fact, I added a couple more stops to my list...

11 Ways Jesus Speaks into Your Sorrow

Jesus experienced great sorrow Himself during His time on earth. He cares about what you're going through, and is not intimidated by the hard questions your sorrow has raised.

Sex and the Single Person

If the Bible addresses an issue with unrelenting frequency, and that issue is one of the strongest forces in the world, then ministers of the Word are obligated to declare God's will on that issue.

Experiencing Victory in the Midst of Trials

What trials are you facing in life right now? The solution may start with "bringing every thought into captivity."

Talk to People Rather than about Them

It is easy - and far too tasty on the tongue of our sinful souls - to talk about people. But it is hard - and often tastes bitter - to talk to them about their faults.

Living for God: Calvin on the Spiritual Life

"True and sound wisdom consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves." So John Calvin first wrote in 1536, and through all the years that followed, the emphasis remained the same.

Why We Love the Church

The Distinguishing Mark of Christianity

The Greek word doulos frequently describes what it means to be a true Christian: Unfortunately, readers of the English Bible have long been shielded from the full force of doulos because of an ages-old tendency to translate it as "servant" or "bond-servant."

Living Life to the Full

Why do we have that nagging sense of destiny in our hearts? Because He put it there. A hunger, a desire to walk in His wondrous plan, and to experience life super-abundantly.

Who Makes Your List?

Have you ever read a verse of Scripture that you really wished wasn’t in the Word of God? For me, it was this pesky portion of First Timothy which urged that "requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone"...

Jailhouse Conversions: Does Forgiven Mean Forgotten?

I am concerned at the controversy over the fate of those who become believers after being convicted of a serious crime.

How to Live the Words of the Lord's Prayer

Do you wish to walk in "the way of the disciple"? Here is how to stop taking the words of the Lord's Prayer for granted and start living them.

Use Your Independence to Submit to God

Independence is wonderful, but it also means self-rule and self-determination - two of the very things that got Israel into so much trouble in the Old Testament!

The Good News

How to Pray for Yourself with Reckless Abandon

You probably pray for other people regularly, but when was the last time you prayed for yourself? It's not selfish; it's essential to a Faith Set Free.

Powering Up

Jack Graham explores what it means to "keep in step with the Spirit," and how to tap into His power for living. Along with the fruits of the Spirit, you'll find a spiritual vigor that victoriously displays Christ to the world.

You Are No Accident; God Chose You

"My parents didn't plan me. I was an accident no one expected." Some people use this phrase as an excuse for not accepting more responsibility in life, but they fail to remember nothing surprises God.

What One Can Do

By living a godly life, one man - Moses - helped keep two-and-a-half million people from idolatry. How about you?

Contrasting Fear with a Sound Mind and a Powerful Love

Fear causes us to trade power for an overwhelming, pervasive feeling of powerlessness. But at the beginning of Paul's Second Letter to Timothy, we learn the truth about it.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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