I think people — the great majority from my church — sacrificed and helped for a variety of reasons. For some who had been unfaithful in their own marriage, it was cathartic. Others helped because God moved them to; some out of pity for my situation. Most helped, I think, out of pure love for Tom, our children, and me.

By the middle of July, irrefutable evidence came forward that although Tom had been active in the church, unbeknown to nearly everyone, he had long been leading a double life. He had finally chosen that life over the one he had with his children and me.

Tom’s leaving felt like a death, and like what often happens when we lose a family member, the rest of the family drew closer together. Everyone gathered around Tom’s “widow” — me — and his children. Many prayers were offered up for him. The children and I would have to begin a new life that would rarely again include Tom.

Only God and His inspired followers can take someone with no money and no budget from homeless to at-home in less than a month. By July 31, the house was livable. It wasn’t fancy but it had new cupboards, freshly painted walls, refinished floors, new windows, a working toilet and shower. It was clean, smelled fresh, and was bug- and rodent-free. A caravan of pickup trucks loaded up our things and moved them into the house.

No, Tom never came home to us again. Eventually, we were divorced and I have returned to the workplace as a substitute teacher. The children are healthy and none have exhibited side effects from the lead poisoning.

We still live in the house that love remodeled and the house that remodeled my faith in God. Often, when I clean, I again see all those who spent hours repairing walls, floors, and ceilings so we would have a roof over our heads. I remember the miracles, big and small, of supplies that showed up exactly at the right moment and the people with the right skills to install them.

I know firsthand that He will look out for my children and me whatever my circumstances, however hopeless a situation may look. Faith is no longer theory but drywall, plaster, windows, and doors. Faith is literally the roof over our heads.

*All names have been changed for protection.

Originally posted October 30, 2008.

© Rebekah Montgomery 2008
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