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Fight Evil through Spiritual Warfare

God calls all Christians, regardless of gender, to engage in the spiritual battles that take place every day in our fallen world. If you're a woman who's ready to use the power of prayer to fight evil, enter the battle that's happening around you with the confidence that God is on your side.

Staying Under God's Umbrella of Grace

I have often believed that I might have the "wrong" thing in my life when what I have been told does not match with what I can see. I often question God just as the little boy questioned me.

Are You as Close with God as You'd Like to Be?

There was a day — an actual moment in time — that I came to grips with the fact that I was not as close to God as I wanted to be. You might be surprised how simple the remedy was...

Five Areas of a Woman’s Life That Need God’s Touch

After surveying nearly 100 women, I found several common areas in which women, myself included, need the touch of God to be whole and complete. Scripture addresses these areas of a woman's life so that we can receive His healing touch...

'Father to the Fatherless': God Can Heal Your Childhood Wounds

“Pastor, I'm afraid I will become like my father who was cruel and corrupt,” Elaine said. No matter what we've experienced in our pasts, faith in Christ means we are fully adopted by the Heavenly Father with all the benefits of his naturally born child...

  • Jan Coates and Rebekah Montgomery |
  • July 29, 2010 |
  • comments
The Snare of Beauty — Flashpoints of Our Obsession with Attractiveness

Beauty, says philosopher Roger Scruton, "is never viewed with indifference." Those words ring true after this week's Newsweek article that purports to offer evidence that employers are more likely to hire attractive people.

“Who, Me?” Overcoming the Fear of Inadequacy

The fear of inadequacy has the power to paralyze, but we can move beyond it and live a life that glorifies God. By His grace, we can change our thinking patterns, admit our fears, and move forward despite them.

A Believer for All Seasons

God intends for Christians to flourish in all seasons, regardless of our situations, and we will only do that as we renew our minds to think as He thinks, to live as He lives, and to love as He loves.

Hard to Believe? Biblical Authority and Evangelical Feminism

Anne Eggebroten said, "Hard to believe, but some churches are still teaching about male headship." Hard to believe? It can hardly be surprising to anyone with the slightest attachment to evangelical Christianity.

Use Your Body the Way God Designed It

Our culture is constantly bombarding women with messages that tell them their appearance is what matters most. It's freeing to look beyond our culture's shallow view of your body and start using your body the way God designed it. Here's how.

Pressing On When Faced With the Impossible

Life seldom turns out the way we plan it, but there are many moments in our lives when God gets to show up and show out. When you only have a prayer, know that it is enough to move the very throne of God to action.

Planning a Wonderful, Enjoyable, Affordable Wedding

Even with the recent recession prompting couples (and their families) to cut back, weddings in the U.S. currently have an average sticker price of $19,581. Should you - must you - pay this much?

Could You Be in Bondage to an Addiction?

Studies show that one in five women suffers from an eating disorder or disordered eating. Could you be one of them? Read Kelly’s story to find out.

Disappointment is a Good Thing?

The Twilight I Longed For: Finding Peace in the Second Half of Life

Even as a believer who has been blessed to walk with God for more than thirty-five years and to have spent much of that time in public ministry, I will admit that I have regrets. And Isaiah's words, "the twilight I longed for," brings many of those regrets to the surface.

Wives: Encourage Manliness through Your Femininity

What a man needs is an emotionally grounded, God-dependent, soft woman who understands her husband, loves him deeply, knows how to draw healthy boundaries, and—most important—encourages every step he takes toward true manliness.

Toxic Stress: The Art of Letting Go

Women are particularly vulnerable to excessive, toxic stress. Taking on more than we should, and not realizing it until it's too late, is often the problem.

  • Nisha Jackson, Ph.D., M.S., W.N.P. |
  • June 24, 2010 |
  • comments
Exploited Miss America. Empowered Miss USA.

This generation thinks that raunch equals power and freedom. Newsweek has dubbed this, "The Girls Gone Wild Effect." Girls, I've said it before, and I'll say it again… I think the time is ripe for a new movement.

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