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Wrestling the Body Image Bear

Most women struggle with body image on some level, but husbands often wish wives understood that their bodies are beautiful just the way they are...

  • Shannon Ethridge, M.A. |
  • October 18, 2008 |
  • comments
Letter to a Control Freak

How can loved ones let the control freaks in their life know how much their behavior hurts them?

  • Dr. David B. Hawkins |
  • October 16, 2008 |
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Two Tombstones: The Story of the Samaritan Woman and Jesus Christ

This excerpt from Max Lucado's newest book Cast of Characters compares the story of the Samaritan woman with one of her many modern day counterparts.

Where is God in the Midst of Crisis?

Storms will confront us many times in our lives, expected and unexpected. They seem fueled by evil, and we find ourselves forgetting God and hiding from the chaos, defenseless. That is the place the enemy wants us to be...

Why Adopt?

As little girls, most women I know dreamed of adopting a baby someday. I did, but as I grew up, married, and began my own family, those dreams of adoption faded...

  • Natalie Nichols Gillespie |
  • October 09, 2008 |
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Finding the Positives in Your Problems

I once counseled a young wife who had been sexually attacked when she was a young girl. I could see by the expression on her face that she was still discouraged and distressed about the incident and embarrassed to talk about it. Feeling she had been cheated in life, she was somewhat resentful that God had allowed such a horrible thing to happen...

  • Dr. Gary Smalley |
  • October 07, 2008 |
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Expert Worriers: Put Away the Crystal Ball

Advanced worriers, let’s find relief with this refreshing, strengthening and heart-reviving promise: “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Is. 41:10).

  • Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre |
  • October 04, 2008 |
  • comments
Finding God in the Everyday Tasks of Homemaking

I was recently challenged by a reader’s comment: Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the many tasks of homemaking ... What can we do to kick start ourselves into being excited over our callings as homemakers?

Forgiving the "Other Woman"

I never considered that betrayal would enter my marriage. One question kept coming to the forefront: How could one woman do this to another?

Women: Put the Power of Your Words to Good Use

As a woman, you likely speak and write many words throughout each day. Here’s how you can put the power of your words to good use...

  • Whitney Hopler |
  • September 25, 2008 |
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He Said-She Said: An Acceptable Age Difference in Dating Relationships

When it comes to dating relationships, one reader asks: “Is there an acceptable age difference?” Find out what “He” and “She” have said in response to age gaps between a man and a woman.

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • September 23, 2008 |
  • comments
Oprah’s Pleasant Offer of Deception

Frank Pastore from KKLA in Los Angeles interviews Richard Abanes, author of “A New Earth, an Old Deception: Awakening to the Dangers of Eckhart Tolle’s #1 Bestseller.” Eckhart Tolle is the spiritual mentor of Oprah Winfrey.

Life Without Prayer

We’ve all tried it. We’ve all tried to manage our businesses or families without consulting God and we’ve all had the same results...

  • Becky Tirabassi |
  • September 18, 2008 |
  • comments
Ultimate Makeover

Caterpillars and butterflies bear witness: God is in the transformation business...

  • Jan Coates with Rebekah Montgomery |
  • September 16, 2008 |
  • comments
Grow Your Own Food One Square Foot at a Time

The high cost of food—specifically produce—tells me we need to become more self-sufficient. Here's a method of vegetable gardening that can be mastered even by those of us with limited space or limited gardening skills...

Gender and the Vice Presidency

Gov. Palin's candidacy has sparked debate among some conservative Christians. While many applaud her pro-life convictions and traditional conservative policy positions, some have raised concerns about a woman occupying high office...

  • Nathan A. Finn |
  • September 09, 2008 |
  • comments
The Pitfalls of Being a Nice Christian Woman

Nice Christians who grew up as nice kids don’t finish last—that’s a common misconception that blurs the real problem. Nice Christians finish in life’s frustrated middle, never getting to abundance, filled with inner angst...

Casting Down the Imagination

I’m really not sure when it began. I was just disgruntled with being a mom. It wasn’t fun anymore. The joy was gone, replaced by a sense of failure and a desire to succeed at anything outside the home. In my mind I knew this was a wonderful calling, that I was doing a great work. But, the accusations and lies persisted.

Practical Christian Theology for Women

If a woman is not grounded in her knowledge of God, some battles may threaten to shatter her faith. Author Wendy Alsup helps women get to know practical theology as an encouragement and tool for their everyday lives.

  • Wendy Horger Alsup |
  • August 30, 2008 |
  • comments
Set Yourself Apart for Christ

When you set yourself apart from the world’s idea of a beautiful lifestyle and devote yourself wholeheartedly to Christ, His love will transform you into a stunningly beautiful woman...

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