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The New Women's Night Out

They’re hot. They’re trendy. They help women form closer friendships. They introduce thinking women to Christ.

  • Rebekah Montgomery |
  • August 30, 2007 |
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Here Comes the Bride ... But When?

Now and Not Yet is a new book by Jennifer Marshall, a colleague who knows what many of today’s single people are going through. Believe me, if you’re single and questioning—or if you know someone who is—this book will provide some extraordinary peace of mind.

Joy of the Disciplined Woman

Few of us enjoy the thought of increasing discipline in our daily lives. But the benefits of an ordered life far outweigh the costs. Starting this week, we want to consider seven practices to become more efficient in managing our time and organizing our surroundings.

  • Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre |
  • August 25, 2007 |
  • comments
Energized by Grace, Imperfect Mothers Love Their Children

Men and women who were gloriously saved did not automatically become great wives and mothers, or husbands and fathers. Correct behavior is behavior energized by grace...

Avoid the Heartbreak of Emotional Promiscuity

If you give your emotions away at the wrong time or to the wrong person – even without giving your body away – you’ll still end up with deep heart wounds that God never intended you to suffer...

Mommy Wars: Are Working Moms that Different from SAHM's?

Some new statistics show that the preferences of employed mothers and those who stay home full time are not all that different and that the gap between them is closing.

You Take the Cake: Wedding Prep a Chance for Mom-Daughter Bonding

Should you ever decide to help your daughter bake her own wedding cake, the first thing you should know is that a deluxe Scrabble board on a swivel stand will not spin while holding the weight of a four-layer 12-inch cake...

Are You Holding On to Worthless Things?

It's amazing how much we're willing to hold on to, hoping against hope that someday the literal and spiritual junk will benefit us in some way...

  • Nancy C. Anderson |
  • August 04, 2007 |
  • comments
Searching for Identity after Marriage and Motherhood

Dear Dr. David: I’ve been active in the church, a devoted mother and wife, and now find that I don’t know myself. I have forgotten what I feel about things, don’t feel respected by my husband, and even feel lost in church...

  • Dr. David B. Hawkins |
  • August 02, 2007 |
  • comments
Girls Gone Mild Reveals a Return to Modesty

For every girl who's bought into the cultural myths about sexuality, there's another who is refusing to go along...

Make the Best Use of Inexpensive Household Products

Somewhere you remember hearing that you can do more than make salad dressing with vinegar. But the details escape you just when you could use that information the most...

Perceive Your True Identity in the Lord

In order to be who God wants us to be and serve in the way He created us to serve we must first discover just how important we really are to Him.

What if Eve Said "No?" — A Women's Guide to Resisting Temptation

Resisting the temptation to find life’s answers in food, drink, sex, shopping, or any other sensual pleasure requires soul-searching to find your substitute god and preparation to resist it.

From Hotel to Home: Creating a Haven for Your Family

I have found that many of the things that we find ourselves arguing about, or frustrated by, can easily be eliminated with little changes in the way our homes function.

Can You Love Your Husband and Brad Pitt?

Some experts say extramarital crushes are healthy and normal. Author Sharon Jaynes looks to the ultimate marriage expert -- God -- for answers.

Paris Hilton or Ruth Bell Graham? Two Paths of Womanhood

Our culture obsesses over the tragic lifestyles of hotel-heiress Paris Hilton, actress Lindsay Lohan, and pop-star Britney Spears, to name just a few. What's going on?

Please Don't Tell Me the Proverbs 31 Woman Wears a Size 8

Once upon a time, the Proverbs 31 Woman made me feel very inadequate and inefficient in every other area of my life...

The Ultimate Source of "Girl Power"

In the past, women who lived the Biblical idea of womanhood were viewed by many as being un-liberated and living unfulfilled lives. In reality, our faith should make us stronger, more proactive, and divinely inspired...

Less is More for Those Who Choose Simple Lives

It’s easy to make choices that are choreographed to the beat of our materialistic culture. But some people who have chosen to simplify their lives march to a distinctly different beat, declaring with quiet confidence that “less is more.”

  • Whitney Von Lake Hopler |
  • July 03, 2007 |
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