Our world is flat and fast. Let others know what you're doing and ask them to join you. Encourage your believing friends to run toward the gunfire with you and become a light to those who would question God's goodness. Point them toward those churches and Christian organizations who are God's salt and light in the midst of this dark and uncertain tragedy.
F. Follow the Sound of the Gunfire

The loudest part of the battle is probably where you are needed most. Although I do not have any ministry projects in Haiti, right now that is where the gunfire is the loudest and most intense. Just don't expect to avoid getting hit. I've been doing this long enough to know that when you stand between the orphans and the guns, you usually take a few bullets to protect them.

Living in the Kingdom is about stepping out in faith and doing something. Let's be honest, none of us can make a real difference without God giving us the strength to do so. Most of the time, our lives are about listening to that whisper in our hearts that compels us to act. As your heart breaks for the people of Haiti, trust that still small voice.  You'll find that the minute you do, the resources of heaven are at your disposal.

Haiti's road forward is daunting, and definitely impossible without your help — and the help of thousands of others. If you are wondering where God is in all of this, remember that first and foremost He is in you. And if God is in you and with you, who can stand against you as you run into the gunfire?

February 23, 2010

Tom Davis is the President of Children's HopeChest, a mission organization bringing God's hope and love to orphans around the world. Their work is focused in the countries of Russia, Romania, and Ukraine. HopeChest helps churches and corporations around the U.S. adopt an orphanage and make a real difference in the lives of orphans. For more information visit: http://www.hopechest.org/