Susan kept me posted on every new detail. Since they were a loving, Christian family and they prayed about every step in the process, the maternity home was easily decided upon. The hospital was located nearby, making it easier for them to visit when the baby came.

Susan continued with her own plans for adoption of her granddaughter. She even chose an adoption center where a counselor would help with the choice of a family. She visited one day, before Janie's baby was born, to look through the pictures of parents who wanted to adopt.

Tears flowed from her eyes and a prayer immediately formed in her heart:

"Oh God, I see all of these beautiful people who long to be parents. Thank you for blessing us with our dear daughter, Janie. Now, do you want to bless us with her baby? Are we to be the grandparents who will welcome them into our home?"

Words from Psalm 37, memorized by Susan during these difficult months, immediately came to her heart and her mind. "Do not fret," seemed to flow directly from the voice of God. In fact, it is written three times in the first eight verses of that Psalm. Peace flooded her heart, and she left the adoption center with new determination not to fret as she prayed for God's will in her family. But these new thoughts were big news, and she knew she needed to tell her husband.

She tearfully explained her prayer as she opened her Bible to Psalm 37. Yes, there it was. In fact, the 8th verse states: "Do not fret, it only causes harm." Important circumstances began to unfold, opening doors for Janie to return home holding her baby, Molly.

That big news came to us at the Crisis Pregnancy Center the day Susan visited to announce Molly's birth. She and her husband had lovingly received their granddaughter into their home. The big event happened on a bright day in March, and Susan told us Molly's arrival was a symbol of new life and new love in their family.

Not all stories at our Crisis Pregnancy Center end in such glory, but God's love and power are there. So we trust him and rejoice in our work with all parents and their unborn children. We are thankful for blessings like Susan, Janie and precious baby Molly, with her soft brown skin.

January 14, 2010

Lucy Neeley Adams lives in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina. She has written articles in numerous publications. She is the author of 52 Hymn Story Devotions (Abingdon Press).