It was the love of the Cause that led a pastor to say, after spending night after night chained in a Chinese prison simply for preaching the gospel, "I will preach until I die."

Like heroes and history-changers throughout time, you know you were made for something beyond yourself. If you've ever felt afraid of that ultimate purpose, don't be. It's wooing you. You've felt it sneak up on you, taking a giant spoon and stirring up your soul, calling you in a voice that seeps into your bones and makes itself unforgettable.

The ultimate Cause is calling you.

Too often, we confuse the Cause with other causes with small c's. I've mistaken it tons of times, pursuing wild goose chases like beauty, acceptance, and even "respectable causes" like other people's esteem or love. (Who doesn't want to feel respected and cherished?) But those chases have left me empty-handed, feeling silly and used.

Here's the only thing I can say: If you and I come face to face with the Cause, I guarantee we will never be the people we were before. We will cease to revolve around thesun as our lives find a new, blazing center. Our search fora purpose to define our existence will end. We will not run out of questions, but we will, at last, find the Answer to all things.

Hannah Farver is a college student, writer, website blogger, speech and debate coach, and she has been interviewed on ABC. She also embarked on a national conference tour for young women. Like most people her age she doesn't know exactly what the future holds, but for now she is planning on a career in media-and more writing, of course. She lives outside Dallas, Texas. Learn more about Hannah's book Uncompromising:  A Heart Claimed By a Radical Love.