I can't help but think back to the 5-year period in which my husband and I lost three parents. It was our friends who surrounded us and loved on us and gave freely to us that got us through this rough patch. It was a sad, hard time for us, but the beautiful side was the hospitality that took place.

I love the way that Henri talks to all of us. Aren't we all ministers in some way when we give out to others and invite others in?

"The minister is called to make this forward thrust credible to his many guests, so that they do not stay but have a growing desire to move on, in the conviction that the full liberation of man and his world is still to come." Many of our guests have moved on, not all to places of brokenness. And now I understand it better. It's good that they didn't stay because we all have a growing desire to move on. And that takes courage.

Originally posted March 2, 2010.

Sandy Coughlin is a mom to 3 teens, wife to one awesome man, and author of the popular Reluctant Entertainer blog. She loves to cook and entertain in her home, and look for creative ways to give to those around her. Her book, The Reluctant Entertainer, will be released in the summer of 2010.