I know what you are thinking.  This must be some kind of joke.  Something catchy to get my attention but it’s not really a story about God and a horse, right?  Well, it is a true story about a horse and how God used her to influence my relationship with Him.

My love for horses began as a child.  Every week, I would anxiously await my favorite show, Mr. Ed.   Mr. Ed was a weekly series about a palomino horse who could talk.  Mr. Ed, however, only spoke to his owner named Wilbur.  To everyone else, Mr. Ed was just a horse.   I didn’t know it then but it was my love for horses that God would use to draw me closer to Him.

My family could not afford to buy me a horse.  My older twin brothers and I grew up in a small southern town with parents who struggled financially.   We were considered “poor” and owning a horse under our circumstances was out of the question.  I remember, however, promising myself that when I “grew up” I would own a horse.  As an adult, I never gave up on that dream.

My relationship with God to this point in my adult life had always been one of reverence.  Although, I believed in God, I didn’t have a “relationship” with Him.  In fact, no one had ever really explained to me what that meant.  I prayed on occasion when I needed help but that was about it. I didn’t know about reading the Bible for assistance to enhance my relationship nor did I ever really converse with Him. Additionally, I had no reason to believe that my relationship with God was any different than anyone else’s. 

Once I decided to buy my own horse I began to worry that I wouldn’t know how to proceed.  I was a novice in my understanding of horses.  God had his hand in the process from the beginning, however.  What transpired was something I never saw coming.  That’s what makes God so great.  He is a constant reminder to us that we are not in control.  I can look back at my need to control today and laugh.  There was a time, however, that I always thought I needed to be in control and couldn’t see the fault in it.  I didn’t realize how much my need for control affected my relationship with God.

God would show me his plan for our relationship beginning with two dreams.  On the first night, I dreamed about a man in a cowboy hat and the name “Bob” was connected to this man.  I was confused but felt perhaps this was the name of the man who owned the horse that I would eventually purchase.  On the second night, my dream was more dramatic.  As I started to drift off to sleep, I began to have a vivid dream.  I saw myself in the dream lying face down on my bed.  Red flowers with green vines were painted on my back.  I was watching it all unfold.  I looked at myself lying on the bed sleeping soundly and felt great peace.  The next thing I knew, I saw myself, sit up abruptly in the bed.  I then heard a voice that clearly said, “Something better is coming for you”.  I woke up immediately and began to think about what this meant.  I realized that this statement was referring to a horse that I had originally hoped to purchase but had passed on buying.  I felt that I had made a mistake in not buying him.  However, when I contacted the owner to let her know that I had changed my mind she had given me the bad news that I was too late.  The horse had been sold.  Perhaps God was telling me that I had made the right decision after all.

The next morning following my dream, I began contacting ranches to continue pursuing horse ownership.  I had it in my mind that I would only consider buying a gelding (neutered male) and it had to be a paint horse (breed of horse that has large splashes of color on its body).  I contacted a random ranch that I found in the telephone book.  When I stated that I was only interested in purchasing a gelding paint horse, I was told by the owner that he only had one paint horse and that she was a mare (female).  I politely thanked the man and told him I wasn’t interested.