When I made a decision to pray the “write” way, I stopped falling asleep or day-dreaming.  I also found that written prayer proves that God answers prayer!  This has been the significant and necessary motivation to keep me coming back day after day! 

I am living proof that if you discover for prayer for what it really is—a conversation with the One who loves you most—and decide to pray using a design for prayer that keeps you coming back, you will be a passionate, powerful and effective pray-er! 

Frankly, if I (someone who can barely sit still or be quiet for 10 minutes) can do it…you can do it, too!  It starts with your time. 

Becky Tirabassi has motivated hundreds of thousands of men, women and students over the last 20 years to change their lives through best-selling books, extensive media appearances, and sold-out speaking events. She currently speaks to adults on prayer and balanced living, and has returned to college ministry and speaking to students across America on topics such as self-image, sex, addictions, and healthy relationships. Her best-selling books on prayer include: Let Prayer Change Your Life, My Partner Prayer Notebook, and Sacred Obsession. She has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows including the CBS Early Show and Focus on the Family, Enjoying Everyday Living with Joyce Meyer and James Robison’s Life Today. Her upcoming book, Emails to My Daughter is her first fiction book, and will be released in June 2008. Becky is the founder of Becky Tirabassi Change Your Life® Inc., a multi-media corporation and Burning Hearts, Inc., a non-profit student organization. Visit her at: www.changeyourlifedaily.com.