MF: They reintroduced me to the wonder of God. For those who have been in the church for a long time or studied the Bible for years, we can lose our sense of awe of God. We can start to pick up the Bible and read with that "been there, done that" attitude. Yet, deep down inside, all of us hunger for more. I believe the Bible is the adventure book of a lifetime. It's the only book where you really, really get to know and be transformed by the Author by reading and studying. Scouting the Divine has reawakened the wonder of God's word and the reality that the Scripture is not just words printed in black and white and red, but something to be experienced, tasted, touched, lived in its fullness.   

CW:  What advice would you give to someone who currently is experiencing spiritual dryness?   

MF: Pick up a copy of Scouting the Divine. The book provides a fresh look at familiar passages and stirs up the hunger to know God and Scripture. I recently had a pastor read a section on the book that looks at the wedding at Cana. He said, "Margaret, I have taught on this sermon for years and years. I have taught it from a perspective of Mary as Jesus' mother, from Jesus' perspective, from the perspective of the people who carried the water pots, from those who are getting married that day, but I never looked at it from the perspective of the grape."   


When we're reading the Bible and sensing that spiritual dryness, we need to take time to pray, "Holy Spirit, give me eyes to what You are saying. Give me eyes to see the beauty of Your Word." I think that's a prayer God wants to say "yes" to!

CW:  Is there anything else we haven't covered yet that you would like to share?   

MF: In sharing my journey of Scouting the Divine, I'm hopeful others will begin their own journeys in scouting the divine. For some, that may mean spending time with a farmer who lives down the road. For others, it may mean that as they're gardening prayerfully considering what God is teaching them through the process of cultivating and pruning or weeding. My prayer is that through Scouting the Divine people will recognize that the Scripture is not just a dusty old book, but it's alive, vibrant, and it beckons us into such an incredible adventure with God, that it's worth being intentional and disciplined about doing. For those who want to dig deeper, the Scouting the Divine DVD Bible Study releases the first week of January. Small groups and Bible studies will definitely enjoy it!

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CW:  Wonderful.  Thank you, Margaret.   

If you're interested in getting more information on Scouting the Divine, visit Margaret's website here.