I believed as a young woman that if a relationship were to work, the two in love needed time away from each other.

During college, I found myself in a dating relationship with a young man who would often want his time away from me.  Sometimes he left the parameters of our relationship to see if he would miss me, thereby insuring that he really did love me. Other times it was to see if someone better suited for him would come into his life. Still other times, he just needed time away from me -- to decompress, to have "breathing room," to feel "unattached."  But each time he came back to the relationship he seemed to love me more and treat me better. Therefore, I concluded that when you love someone you need time away from them.

Eventually, though, that boyfriend left for good.

When I met Hugh, a student in Bible college, our relationship seemed perfect. Yet I was fearful that he, too, would eventually leave -- or just want time away from me. And one evening, I laid my fears out in front of him, preparing for the worst.

"Hugh, I really want things to work between us and I don't want to do anything to blow it with you. So if you need time away from me to know if I'm right for you or just to have your space or re-evaluate us, please let me know," I said, honestly, preparing to hear the all-too-familiar words that he wanted his space.

But, instead of confirming my fears, Hugh looked me straight in the eyes and said something I have never forgotten: "Cindi, God never wants time away from you. So neither will I."

It was then that my eyes were opened to two truths in front of me. First of all, a man was standing before me who actually intended to love me as God does (and I married that man, by the way!). And secondly, that man opened my eyes up to the realization that I have a God who has never wanted time away.

And so do you.

In Hebrews 13:5, we read God's Words to His people: "Never will I leave you, nor will I ever forsake you."

And in Psalm 139:7-12, He tells us there is nowhere we can go where His love will not follow. He shadows us. He sticks to us like glue. He is downright obsessive about us, if you think about it. That is a staying power that I hadn't experienced in my life. And it's a staying power I continue to hold onto today.

Do you realize that if you've spent all day with God  on Sunday, He isn't tired of your voice on Monday?

If we've come to Him time and again over a burden on our hearts, He will never say, "Enough! Go tell someone else, I'm tired of hearing it."

If we have sunk so low in our depression or despair He will never say, "I just need a break from your negativity for awhile."

You and I, my friend, can know a love that will never leave. A love that never needs time away.

Because of my travels as a speaker, requiring me to be on the road or on a plane many weekends a year,  and Hugh's job as a pastor, requiring him to be home shepherding the flock, it isn't true or realistic to say that my husband and I have never been apart. There are many days when he has had his space. But there has never been a day that he has insisted upon it. True, there have been times when he would've rather had his space than have to deal me regarding certain issues, but there has never been a day when I've felt driven away or that I had to leave in order for him to love me better.

Because of past hurts in my life, I've had to first trust in God's promise to never leave me. By finding my security in Him and His words, I am better able to trust in my husband's promise to never leave, as well as his devotion to God first, and then to me as his wife. It is our common love and trust in God first, that holds us together today.

If you've experienced hurt or betrayal in your life that has prevented you from trusting someone else, I encourage you to take a closer look at the God of the Scriptures who promises in His Word that He will never leave you or forsake you. Listen to the Psalmist's words (and my paraphrase in parentheses) of this love that will never leave -- or even let you out of His sight: