As I pulled into my driveway at home, the last lesson God had for me stood like a neon sign - literally! On top of my fence sat the "mistake" I made last Christmas.

Last year, I had ordered an original Christmas sign for our front yard from a wood worker in town. The sign was to be 3 feet by 3 feet. Unfortunately, the dimensions were misread by the designer and I mistakenly approved them in the middle of the Christmas bustle. After all, it was Christmas and I didn't have time for details. When the sign was delivered, I realized I had purchased a six and a half foot by eight foot tall sign in neon lights for all my neighbors to see. The message says, "Happy Birthday Jesus.” When we turn it on at night, not only can I witness to all my neighbors, I can use my front yard as a landing strip for planes in case of emergency!

As I stared at the words of the sign, God refocused me once again. "Your 'mistake' is something others are taking pictures of and sharing it with friends. A witness of the real meaning of Christmas is never a mistake."

Where is your focus this Christmas? Where is God whispering for your attention during the "busyness" of it all? It may not be the grocery store or shopping mall, but He will quietly speak - when we listen. After all, He deserves to be the focus. It's HIS birthday! Just imagine if someone wore themselves out planning a birthday party for us - and then forgot to invite us!

As you plan your party for Jesus this year, be sure to include the Guest of Honor in all you do, especially in the "details" that may seem insignificant. Focus on the TRUE reason for the season - Jesus coming to earth - and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year for all the right reasons. We’ll be celebrating Jesus' birth at my house. And if you look on Google Earth, you can probably see our sign.

Shannon Perry is a conference speaker, author, recording artist, TV and Radio show host whose new book is entitled The Overlooked Generation. Prior to going into full-time ministry, Shannon taught for over 14 years in the public school system and holds a Master’s degree in Education and Counseling and is a Certified Instructor for Crisis Counseling and Parenting Classes. Her TV show, “Grace in High Heels” airs twice weekly on the NRB Network as well as the GEB Network. Her website address is

Publication date: December 20, 2013