Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Sheila Walsh's book, Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God, (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2009). 

You'll experience all kinds of ugly situations in this fallen world.  But the more you learn to trust that God is in ultimate control of what you're going through, the more you'll see beauty emerge from the ugliness.

Here are some beautiful gifts that God will give you if you trust Him to transform ugly circumstances into something beautiful in your life:

The beauty of courage.  You can always count on Jesus to help you overcome your fears.  He doesn't come to get you out of the pain of life; He comes to live in you through it.  Trust Jesus to empower you to handle even the worst situations well.  Be confident that He is with you and you can rely on His strength to help you.

The beauty of brokenness.  You can actually serve God in more powerful ways by being open with others about the brokenness in your life than you can by striving for perfection.  Admit your weaknesses and mistakes, and ask God to use them to help others recognize Him at work as He helps you grow.

The beauty of transparency.  Face the reality of what's true about yourself - including all the sin you're tempted to try to hide - and be honest with others about who you really are.  Remember that God already knows everything about you, and He chooses to love you deeply.  As you share your pain with others, bonds will develop between you that will draw you all closer to each other and God.  As you trust that God truly loves you as you are, you'll be able to follow Him to amazing adventures.

The beauty of waiting and being present.  When you're waiting for God to answer your prayers about something but don't see anything happening to encourage you, choose to trust that He is at work behind the scenes.  Don't put your life on hold while you wait.  Instead, live each day to the fullest, with the bold confidence that God still has good purposes for you to fulfill while you're waiting.  Trust that God will answer your prayers in the right way at the right time.

The beauty of crying out to Jesus.  When you feel as if God has abandoned you because He hasn't answered your prayers in the way you'd expected, don't despair.  Choose to believe, no matter how your situation appears.  Believe that God is poised to do what only He can do, and that He will help you do what you can do, to improve the situation according to what's best.  Remember that God has designed you to live by faith and not by sight.  Be honest with God about your pain and expect to do what's best from His perspective.

The beauty of seeing.  Realize that there is absolutely nothing you can do to make God love you any more or less.  Right now, just as you are, God loves you completely and unconditionally.  Trust that God's love - expressed through Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for you - is all you need to face any situation.

The beauty of a quiet trust.  Nothing done in Jesus' name is ever wasted.  When you do acts of kindness and mercy that other people don't notice, God sees and treasures what you're doing.  Trust that all God wants is your heart - a heart that truly loves Him and expresses it by living faithfully.

The beauty of taking a step forward.  Don't worry about trying to do something well on your own.  Instead, for each challenge you face, rely on God's unlimited power rather than on your own limited abilities.  Trust that God will empower you to do anything that He calls you to do.