Editor's Note: The following is a report on the practical applications of Robert Lewis with Jeremy Howard's new book, The New Eve: Choosing God’s Best for Your Life, (B & H Books, 2008).

Women today enjoy more opportunities than at any other time in history. Faced with a plethora of lifestyle options, it’s crucial for you as a woman to choose wisely. Many different types of lifestyles claim to offer fulfillment, but it’s only through choosing God’s best that you’ll truly achieve a fulfilling life.

Here are some bold moves you can make to discover the best lifestyle for you:  

Live from the inside out. If you follow the core callings God has designed for women and revealed in the book of Genesis, you’ll be on the right track for a fulfilling life with no regrets. Those callings are:

  • “Leave and cleave” (seeking deep, lasting companionship with a man),
  • “Be fruitful and multiply” (raising and launching healthy, godly children into the world), and
  • “Subdue and rule” (advancing God’s kingdom on earth in ways specific to your natural talents and spiritual gifts).

Set your priorities and manage your decisions around these core callings. When you live from the inside out – keeping God’s callings in focus while making decisions – God will respond by blessing you with a better life than you could enjoy otherwise.

Adopt a biblical definition of womanhood. Let biblical truth – not cultural messages or pressure from other people – determine your identify and guide your decisions. Never make choices at the expense of being true to your core callings. If you neglect any of your core callings to pursue other ambitions, you’ll suffer painful losses in your life as a result.

Courageously staying true to your callings may or may not limit how much money you can earn, how far your career can go, the experiences you can have, the skills you can develop, etc. But following your callings will lead to what’s most valuable: the satisfaction of fulfilling your life’s purposes. As you face difficult choices, keep trusting God to reward you for your faithfulness, even without knowing how your circumstances will end up.

Embrace a big-picture perspective on life. Recognize that God has appointed specific seasons for best addressing certain life concerns. For example, if you want to give birth, your best time for getting pregnant is while you’re young. Waiting until mid-life often means infertility. So seize opportunities while you have them, and live fully during each distinct season of your life. Don’t fight against the life seasons God has designed; flow with them naturally.

As a single adult, focus on:

  • Developing your moral character,
  • Developing your skills and career,
  • Developing your spiritual life serving God’s kingdom, and
  • Building a solid understanding of the opposite sex.

If you’re engaged, focus on:

  • Embracing God’s purposes for marriage;
  • Participating in a quality premarital program that addresses marriage roles, expectations, differences, values, money, and conflict resolution; and
  • Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s personality.

If you’re newly married with no children, focus on:

  • Continuing to expand your marriage skills,
  • Setting clear financial boundaries,
  • Identifying and developing common fun activities, and
  • Making the most of your career opportunities.

As a married woman with preschoolers, focus on: