• Being there for your children,
  • Keeping time for your marriage,
  • Avoiding major debt, and
  • Carefully evaluating your career with your husband.

When you’re married with grade-schoolers, focus on:

  • Watching your pace (including how any professional work you’re doing is impacting your family),
  • Getting serious about saving for college and retirement,
  • Adjusting your parenting according to each child’s particular personality, and
  • Exploring kingdom work in which you can invest your abilities.

If you’re married with young-adult children, focus on:

  • Changing your parenting style to release children into adulthood,
  • Establishing a long-range financial plan,
  • Considering going back to work professionally if you haven’t already,
  • Finding kingdom work that excites you and utilizes your skill set, and
  • Making time for special marriage getaways.

As a married empty nester, focus on:

  • Building new ways of connecting with your husband and enjoying life together,
  • Reinventing your life,
  • Investing more time in kingdom work that engages your gifts and interests, and
  • Considering mentoring younger women from your life experiences.

When you’re married, plus in-law and grandparent, focus on:

  • Making the most of your role as a grandparent,
  • Continuing your kingdom work (especially investing in young people), and
  • Deepening your friendships while making new ones.

Late in life as a widow, focus on:

  • Serving others,
  • Mentoring younger women, and
  • Doing kingdom work.

If you’re single in any of the earlier stages, adjust your focus accordingly while still keeping the main priorities in mind. Allow Jesus Christ to fufill the role of spiritual husband, and seek opporunities for one of the most fulfilling forms of parenthood: spiritual mentorship. Staying faithful to the right focuses during the right seasons will lead to great rewards.

Live with the end in mind. Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What would you like to have experienced and accomplished? What kind of person would you like to have become?

Ask God to give you a clear understanding of your destination in life and the wisdom to make choices that will get you there. Set goals designed to move you in the right direction – toward leaving a legacy that pleases God and blesses others. Don’t go through life haphazardly without a plan, or build a plan based on our culture’s constantly shifting values. Instead, constantly strive to do what’s right according to biblical values, knowing that in the end, your faith will pay off well.  

Pray for discernment about God’s will for every part of your life and write goals down on paper. Commit yourself every day to taking the steps necessary to get to where you want to be before your life is over.

Use wisdom with a man. Just as men are called to "leave and cleave" with their wives, women are called to build healthy relationships with men in marriage. Understand that you’re like a mirror your husband looks into to see a reflection of himself. If you give him positive feedback, you’ll motivate him to become an ever better person. Keep a man’s key needs in mind:

  • Respect and admiration,
  • Support and encouragement for his work and dreams, a
  • Companion with whom to enjoy recreational activities, and 
  • A responsive sexual partner.

If you’re not yet married, ask three key questions before making a serious commitment to any man: