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Dreading Monday? Take a Fresh Look at Sunday

That most people dread Monday is confirmation of the seculars' inability to do for the soul what the sacred does.

Breaking Free from the Way It’s Always Been Done

If you walked in to your work, church, marriage or neighborhood as an unbiased outsider, what would you question about the “normal” activities there? Are you accepting old traditions that defy the intelligence or spiritual insight you have today?

How Do You Perceive Obstacles?

We often “perceive” an obstacle in our life as a blockade, trying to avoid it, rather than working our way over it and through it. Many of us end up concentrating so much on the obstacle that we miss what God has for us on the other side.

Displaying Christ-like Behavior in the Boardroom

When I think of the things that hinder productive business meetings and impair teamwork among colleagues in corporations, it strikes me that these hindrances are often the same sins that the Bible cautions us against displaying.

  • Allison Flexer |
  • September 17, 2007 |
  • comments
How to Be a Christian Doctor, Lawyer, or Fireman

All believers must bring a biblical worldview to bear upon their service to others both in the performance of their duties and in the direction they point those they serve.

You Can Get All A’s and Still Flunk at Work

We've been duped by a myth about what traditional “education” will guarantee for our futures.

Having It All Isn't Enough

The famous actor opened the door and invited me into his New York City penthouse...

Pursuing Your Passions with a Sound Mind

The improbability of my career shifting from money to music is a miracle and a mystery that has stretched our faith, but God has been faithful.

If They Pay You to Speak, is it Ministry, or Business?

When it comes to ministry and money, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer.

  • Rebekah Montgomery |
  • August 08, 2007 |
  • comments
Thrive on a Secular College Campus

Have a child heading off to college this Fall? Abby Nye gives ways Christian students can thrive on a secular campus...

What's Right with You?

Here’s a challenge: trying focusing on what’s right in your life. Of course, there are times when there are so many things wrong with a person or a situation that it’s clearly time for a change. But I have found that more often than not, our thoughts can be out of balance.

Choosing a Career the Biblical Way

Coaching Corner: Between the Dreaming and the Coming True

In my work with clients, a lot of the focus naturally centers on the question, “What does it really take to make a dream come true?” The process for moving a dream from a place of “deep desire” to “reality” is actually fairly simple.

Salary and Benefits: It's All Negotiable

Everyone knows that a car's price is negotiable. Yet countless twentys accept salary and benefits packages from employers without question...

  • David Edwards, Margaret Feinberg |
  • June 04, 2007 |
  • comments
To Win the Rat Race, Think Like a Rat

Each week I talk to individuals who feel trapped in their current work. And yet they stay, hoping against all odds that things will magically improve...

Play Office Politics and Win

No matter where you work, office politics exist. Sadly, some offices are almost as bad as the reality TV show Survivor...

  • David Edwards, Margaret Feinberg |
  • May 21, 2007 |
  • comments
Coaching Corner: Renewal and Rest

We are biologically wired to move from periods of engagement to periods of withdrawal and rest, and back again. Anytime we don't honor those natural rhythms, our health suffers, and our lives fall out of balance.

Dear Graduate…

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