Many corporate and government leaders have contributed to our global economic mess.  That’s for sure.  However, as I wrote in my first post about the Occupy Wall Street Movement, let’s occupy our own streets, our best hope for long-term economic solutions is for us – household by household – to take personal responsibility do the right things.  And one of those right things is greater personal generosity.

Those of us who step up our generosity would very likely experience more joy.  And those who receive from friends and family members would very likely benefit more as well.  If it’s your friend or neighbor who’s helping you out, you’re not going to feel entitled to that assistance, become dependent on it, or take to the streets when the assistance ends.  You’re going to be deeply grateful, and you’re going to do all that you can to become self-sufficient again as quickly as possible.

I’d like to see more corporate leaders manage their businesses with integrity, and I’d like to see a lot more vision and much better ideas from our political leaders.  However, I’m convinced that the greatest lasting changes will only come about when we make the right changes at home, such as growing in our personal generosity.

That’s my point of view.  What’s yours?  Let me know by leaving a comment.

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